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The ending of a marriage has traditionally been regarded as a solemn occasion. However, with divorce rates for 1st marriages at about 50%, 2nd marriages at about 65%, and 3rd marriages at about 75%, the reality is that the ending of a marriage in today’s society may evoke a reaction of indifference or even delight. Statistics prove that marriages do end, regardless of the impetus. During the union, however, each spouse played a contributing role in the governing of the household and related matters. Perhaps one party worked and put the other through school in order to later stay home and provide superior care to the children. That sort of arrangement is both a sacrifice and an investment in the future of the family as a unit. What happens to the individuals that have chosen to take a supportive role in the family, so that the advancement of one could benefit all? It is in consideration of this and other relevant aspects of specific family dynamics that really makes the necessity of a skilled attorney quite apparent. 

The attorneys at Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC have sharply honed their abilities at masterfully representing their clients through the proven exercise, known as experience. The lawyers at our North Georgia firm are able to review the details of your circumstances and quickly provide an accurate assessment of your case. You may be entitled to alimony, which is payment by one spouse to the other, after a divorce. Historically speaking, alimony has been awarded almost solely to wives, but recent studies show an exponential increase in the amount of husbands now filing; what was once considered emasculating is now evolving in response to the different roles played by couples in modern society. Although the laws concerning alimony vary by state, generally, the 5 types of alimony are:

  1. Temporary Alimony: Payment made when a couple separates, or during divorce proceedings and continues until the court determines permanent alimony (may include payment for divorce costs or daily expenses)
  2. Permanent Alimony: The amount awarded to a spouse after the conclusion of divorce proceedings, paid regularly (most common form of alimony and is usually paid indefinitely unless circumstances change, like remarriage/cohabitation)
  3. Rehabilitative Alimony: In circumstances where 1 ex-spouse is not self-sufficient, a judge may order the other to financially assist them while job-searching or educating/expanding skills, usually for a fixed time period. The amount awarded to a spouse after the conclusion of divorce proceedings, paid regularly (most common form of alimony and is usually paid indefinitely unless circumstances change, like remarriage/cohabitation)
  4. Reimbursement Alimony: Intended to provide financial balance to the spouse that provided for higher education or work training (usually with regular payments to reimburse the sponsoring ex-spouse the costs, or a portion thereof)
  5. Lump-sum Alimony: (also commonly referred to as alimony in gross) when an ex-spouse does not desire any property or items of value from the union, a judge may order a one-time payment

The determination of alimony is based on many factors. It is important to consult a well-versed lawyer when confronted with the prospect of divorce. The attorneys at Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC understand that each marriage is different, and are adroit in guiding you to the best possible personal outcome. Our lawyers take into consideration innumerable influential elements, such as:

  • The actual need
  • The ability to pay
  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living established in the marriage and whether or not each individual can maintain that standard
  • The educational levels/earning capacities of the parties
  • The vocational skills of the parties
  • The employability of the parties
  • The age and physical/mental health of the parties
  • The custodial responsibilities for children of the party seeking alimony

If you are in a situation where alimony will most likely be playing a role in your daily life, it is paramount to protect the best interests of both yourself and any dependents you may have. Contact the Law Office of Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC today to schedule a consultation. Our mission is to help clients get ahead, stay ahead and thrive, and we endeavor to accomplish just that with every case we take on. We welcome the opportunity to prove it to you. Call today, and take comfort in the knowledge that, "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

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