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January 2016 Archives

Don't let a lucrative real estate deal pass you by

For a lot of property transactions, timing is everything. The ability to act appropriately on purchasing and developing a property in the Atlanta area can be the difference between a financial success or a drain on your resources. If you don't look before you leap, you might be in for an unexpectedly drawn-out process that you wish you had avoided in the first place.

Answers to Your Questions About Child Custody

As experienced child support lawyers near Cumming know, child custody is a complex area of family law. Even in an amicable, no-fault divorce, it is important to speak to a divorce attorney. Only a divorce lawyer who has experience navigating child custody issues can make sure that the best interests of the child are respected by the family court. As you meet with different law firms, make sure to pick an experienced attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Continue reading to learn more about what to do before, during, and after child custody proceedings.

Advice for Negotiating Fair Alimony Payments

Let your family law attorney in Cumming know if you plan to seek alimony or if you suspect that your spouse will seek alimony. Your family law attorney can help you understand how the law applies to spousal support in Georgia and the factors that might be considered when determining alimony payments. Alimony payments aren't always determined by a family court judge. Sometimes, spouses enter into negotiations or mediation with the help of family lawyers.

A Look at Georgia's Divorce Laws

Are you considering filing divorce papers? If so, it is important to talk to a divorce attorney in Cumming as soon as possible. Only an experienced family law practitioner can inform you of your rights in your state. A family lawyer is also familiar with local family court practices and can make sure your finances are protected. Always speak to a divorce attorney about your specific circumstances. Continue reading for a brief overview of family law in Georgia.

Common Questions About Child Custody Disputes

Child custody is often a contentious issue during divorce proceedings. Both parents may argue that they ought to have full physical custody of the child. However, it's important to remember that the family court judge is primarily concerned with establishing a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child. That being said, many factors may influence the judge's decision. When you schedule an appointment with your divorce attorney, consider bringing along a list of any questions you may have about child custody in Cumming.


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