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February 2016 Archives

Executing a simple will is easier than you might imagine

It goes without saying that estate planning isn't high on the list of priorities for many Americans. For some, this can be traced to other life events continually getting in the way, while for others it can be traced to the uneasiness that comes from having to consider their own mortality.

Reasons to Consider Divorce

Often, when one spouse serves divorce papers on the other, it doesn't come as a major surprise. Filing for a fault-based or no fault divorce in Cumming usually occurs as a result of significant discontent or after years of arguments. If divorce is beginning to seem more appealing to you than staying married, you can consult a divorce attorney about your options before you make your final decision.

Controversial bill has Georgia's business community concerned

Georgia has increasingly been recognized as one of the nation's premier locations for business, a fact evidenced by the longstanding presence of several major multi-national corporations, a booming tech sector and a burgeoning film industry. Indeed, Forbes put the Peach State at number 11 in its 2015 rankings of the "Best States for Business," an increase of five spots from the previous year.   

Understanding Joint Custody Arrangements

In most circumstances, a family court will determine that a joint custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Family law allows joint custody to involve shared physical custody, shared legal custody, or both. Legal child custody refers to the parental right to make major decisions for the child's upbringing. If you share legal custody with the other parent, it means that both of you must work together to reach a consensus on these major decisions, which can include education, healthcare, and religion. In the event that you cannot reach consensus, typically one parent has a tie breaker vote. You can obtain legal representation services to improve your chances of obtaining joint custody with the other parent.

What Not to Do When You're Getting Divorced

Given the emotional intensity of most divorce proceedings, it's all too easy to make mistakes. This is especially true if you're attempting to represent yourself, rather than seeking legal representation services near Cumming. In fact, not working with a divorce attorney is among the most serious mistakes a person can make. When you have a family law attorney to provide sound legal advice and to guide you through the family court process, you will understand the legal terms which may not be clear and avoid common pitfalls such as:


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