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July 2016 Archives

Steps to prevent small business litigation

When someone begins a business in Georgia, he or she may be the only employee in the nascent enterprise. Even if resources are available to hire a small team, any entrepreneur could benefit from an understanding of the basic legal issues that could arise. A recent article highlights several ways that entrepreneurs can protect their companies from common business litigation.

Police say drunk driving responsible for multi-vehicle accident

Being placed under arrest for any reason can be daunting to most people. When someone is arrested after causing multiple accidents due to drunk driving, the level of severity and potential repercussions are increased significantly. Recently, a man was arrested after allegedly causing several collisions on a busy Georgia highway.

Drug charges filed after seizure of $1.8M in suspected narcotics

When someone is arrested for drug possession, the consequences can be serious. However, drug charges filed at the federal level are generally more severe than those that are filed at the state level, and they carry stiffer penalties. Someone convicted of certain federal drug crimes in Georgia can face a mandatory minimum sentence of five or 10 years in federal prison.

Man faces vehicular homicide and drug charges following wreck

Facing any kind of felony charge in Georgia can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can face. The recommended sentences for even non-violent drug charges are still set very high in most states. Those accused of multiple felonies are often consumed by concerns about incarceration and what that outcome might mean for them and their loved ones.

Trust vs. inheritance: Impact on beneficiaries

As people consider plans for their estates, there are many options to consider. There are many factors that people ponder when deciding between different plans, which are determined by the unique needs and desires of the benefactor. The ever-changing laws that govern trusts may require those in Georgia to evaluate other options that could profit their beneficiaries in the best possible way upon their deaths.

How Is Child Custody Decided?

Child custody is often a major point of contention in divorce proceedings. If you are engaged in a child custody dispute in Cumming, it's highly advisable that you consult a family law attorney promptly if you haven't already done so. Your attorney can argue in favor of your preferred custody arrangement. Judges are generally given broad discretion in determining the type of custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child. To establish an arrangement, a judge may consider a variety of factors.

Probate litigation can involve unintended jurisdictional problems

Many in Georgia and throughout the country feel that one of life's most unpleasant tasks is determining how their estate will be distributed in the event of their incapacitation or deaths. When the person at the center of the case is an elderly tycoon who controls giant media companies, the stakes are inherently significantly higher and more complex. A recent probate litigation case has hit a snag when ousted members of Sumner Redstone's trust have brought suit to maintain the estate case's jurisdiction.

Enforcing a Divorce Order

Long after a divorce decree is issued, individuals in Cumming may still have legal questions. For example, it is possible that an ex-spouse fails to abide by the terms of the divorce order. In this case, it's essential to consult a family law attorney about legal remedies. The family law attorney may need to file additional petitions with the court.

Officer considering strong criminal defense after BUI charges

Police officers have difficult jobs. Tasked with enforcing laws, they often work long hours, putting their personal safety at risk. When faced with grave charges, most officers immediately begin to mount a strong criminal defense, as they understand how difficult incarceration can be if they are convicted. Recently, a Georgia officer was charged with boating under the influence charges after a bad accident on Lake Lanier.

Felony convictions have unexpected consequences

No matter what kind of criminal charge you face, the process can be extremely stressful and frightening. But when an individual learns that they are facing a felony charge, it can be a devastating blow. Felony charges can be brought in a wide variety of situations. Some of them include manslaughter, burglary, domestic violence and assault.

Strong criminal defense vital for trucker indicted for 5 deaths

When a professional truck driver is involved in a crash that injures other drivers or causes deaths, public opinion and sympathy may understandably swing toward the victims in the wreck. While there may be cases in which the responsibility for accidents lays solely on the shoulders of the truck drivers, many cases may contain mitigating circumstances that led to fatal errors. When faced with seemingly insurmountable charges, many commercial drivers in Georgia may decide to call upon experienced criminal defense lawyers who can assist in fully investigating the details leading up to fatal accidents and can determine and effective defense strategies.


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