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March 2017 Archives

Georgia drug charges: Possession facts

Whether in Georgia or elsewhere, criminal cases that involve drugs can get quite complex. Certain drug charges are handled at the state level, while others may be prosecuted in federal court. The criminal offense of drug possession is one that may be handled in either depending on the facts of one's case. This week's column will simply go over some facts about drug possession.

Lashing out on social media will not help your divorce

There are few people in Georgia who are not connected to some sort of social media platform. Most people use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram or various other sharing sites in order to keep up with friends and family and even make new acquaintances. While the idea and purpose behind social media can be good, there are instances when it is best to refrain from posting about one's personal life -- such as during one's divorce proceedings.

Georgia business formation: Why do I need legal counsel?

Starting a business is both an exciting and stressful time in the life of the company owner. There is a lot that goes into it, many things to sort out and mistakes that are likely to be made. While business formation can be done all by yourself, to help the process go swiftly and smoothly, it may be wise to consider seeking the assistance of legal counsel in order to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Infraction, misdemeanor and felony level offenses

Infractions, misdemeanors and felonies -- how are they different? In Georgia and elsewhere, crimes are divided into various categories, depending on the seriousness of the offenses. This week's column will discuss the difference between infraction, misdemeanor and felony level offenses and what those accused of crimes can do in order to fight the charges filed against them.

A child custody matter does not need to become a criminal matter

It is not uncommon to hear of parents in Georgia and elsewhere being arrested over custody disputes. When children are at the heart of an issue, it is easy for parents to make rash decisions that, in the end, hurt more than they help. This is what happened in another state when a young father and his dad attempted to collect his children from his estranged wife. It is believed that couple had yet to go through divorce proceedings, and a child custody order was not in place when this incident occurred.

Mistakes that can harm a business partnership

Starting a business is not always an easy process for people in Georgia. People often form partnerships with other individuals because they may bring valuable skills, experiences and financing resources to the table. When done correctly, business alliances can help to facilitate organizational growth, transparency and longevity. However, as beneficial as business partnerships may seem, potential owners should take some time to learn about common mistakes they should avoid.

Georgia woman arrested for drunk driving

Police in Georgia recently arrested a woman who they say was operating a vehicle while impaired in Atlanta. Several charges have been filed against her, including one for drunk driving. Depending on how her case is fought in criminal court, she could be facing a number of serious consequences for this alleged event -- if she is ultimately convicted.

Let a family law attorney help you with your prenuptial agreement

Getting engaged is an exciting thing. Planning and preparing for the future as husband and wife can certainly bring a lot of joy, and no one wants to ruin the moment by talking about what will happen in the event of divorce. While talking about a prenuptial agreement may not be the most romantic or joyous thing, failing to do so could cause issues if the marriage sputters. Whether you reside in Georgia or elsewhere, creating a marital contract can actually be a smart move, especially if you have certain assets you want to make sure are protected. Let a family law attorney assist you in creating a prenuptial agreement that will serve your best interests should it ever be needed.

Forming partnerships and dealing with contract disputes

There is no doubt about it, whether you own or are starting a business in Georgia or elsewhere, having a partner to help with your venture can have many advantages. One of the biggest advantages would probably be that, having a partner can help ease some of the burdens you may feel if trying to go it all alone. However, bringing on a partner also means bringing in a person with his or her own ideas as to how things should be run. What happens if disagreements occur and contract disputes ultimately arise?

Chicken truck struck in alleged drunk driving incident

A Georgia woman was recently arrested for allegedly hitting a chicken truck with her car. According to reports, this incident took place Feb. 21, in Madison County. The accused is facing various charges, including drunk driving, aggressive driving and hit and run -- among others.

Yes, you can seek child custody and support modifications

When it comes to custody and support orders, they are written to fit a family's situation at the time with the hope that they will work well into the future. However, life changes often happen and will affect how well child custody and support orders function. Sometimes, adjustments to these orders will be needed. Thankfully, if this applies to you, the state of Georgia does allow parents to seek order modifications -- under the right circumstances.

3 men facing drug charges in Georgia

It was recently reported that three men were arrested following an alleged drug deal in Georgia. All three are now facing several charges for the incident, including drug charges. These are not going to be taken lightly in criminal court, and accordingly, each of the accused individuals has the right to retain legal counsel. 


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