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June 2017 Archives

Just about divorce season again

There are two times of the year that seem to see a spike in couples filing to dissolve their marriages: March and August. While the study on this was done in one particular state, it seems that this happens in other states as well. So, in Georgia and elsewhere, it may just be about divorce season again.

Man in custody on felony drug trafficking and weapons charges

Police in Georgia, along with federal agents, raided a home in Coweta County earlier in June and arrested the man that they say is responsible for running a meth lab on the property. The accused is facing felony drug trafficking and weapons charges. As children were living in the home, child endangerment charges are also likely.

Consider employee classification when business planning

Being a business owner means that one has to make a lot of difficult decisions. Knowing what is best for one's company in the long run is not always easy. One thing that company owners in Georgia and elsewhere have to consider when business planning is how they will classify their employees. Failing to properly classify one's employees can cause significant issues down the line.

Facing marijuana drug charges in Georgia: What are the penalties?

While marijuana is legal for medicinal use in Georgia -- in the form of cannabis oil -- possessing the drug without a prescription, possessing too much with a prescription, illegally cultivating and distributing the drug are all considered crimes under current state laws. The penalties for these drug charges can be rather harsh. However, certain offenders may be able to seek alternative sentencing options.

Actor Jesse Williams fighting for joint child custody

It does not matter if one has achieved celebrity status when it comes to fighting for time with one's children. Child custody issues often accompany divorce in Georgia and elsewhere, regardless of a couple's social or economic situation. This is something actor Jesse Williams is supposedly finding out.

3 tips for getting custody of your child

While you go through a divorce, you probably worry about custody of your child. Are you going to be able to see your child at all? Is it possible to get sole custody? These questions can cause you to stress out and lose sleep, but there are answers.

Georgia business litigation: Accused of wrongful termination

When a person is let go from his or her job, it is normal for them to question why. Some even look for reasons to claim that they were wrongfully terminated. Not saying that there are not valid wrongful termination cases filed, there are, but sometimes employers in Georgia and elsewhere are falsely accused of illegal firing practices. They then face business litigation lawsuits that could drastically hurt their companies. What are some reasons that an employer cannot fire an employee?

Repeat drunk driving charges could land you in a lot of trouble

Are you facing a DUI charge? Do you have more than one on your record already? If you do, you could face serious penalties if you are convicted. Repeat drunk driving offenses are no laughing matter, and prosecuting attorneys in Georgia will do all that is necessary to seek maximum punishment in such cases. As this is the case, having an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side could prove invaluable.

Nesting can keep things somewhat normal for kids after divorce

When parents decide to split up, the people often hurt the most are their children. Divorce is simply hard on kids, and that is why some parents are willing to take certain measures to make the it as easy as possible for them.  This is where nesting comes into play. This is not an arrangement that works for everyone, but for some families in Georgia it may be the answer.

Let a family law attorney help you through the adoption process

If you are thinking about adopting and have looked into how it works, you may feel overwhelmed by it all. While there are thousands of children in Georgia and across the country, and many more around the world, in need of good homes and loving parents, getting through the adoption process successfully is rather difficult. This is something with which a family law attorney can help.

Business litigation: Handling claims from former employees

Being a business owner in Georgia or elsewhere is not without its complications. One has to make hard choices and sometimes those choices may come back to hurt one later. Firing an employee, for example, could result in one dealing with a business litigation issue down the road if the reason behind the firing was questionable.

Bullying is a real problem in some divorce cases

Bullying affects people of all ages. Children would like to think that, as they grow up, it will stop when they reach adulthood. Sadly, this is not always the case. Adults can be bullies as well, particularly when they want to get their way -- such as when going through a divorce. What can Georgia residents do if bullying is a problem for them as they work to dissolve their marriages?

Forsyth man facing drug charges

Police in Forsyth arrested a man that they say has been part of a major drug trafficking ring. This is a case that both local and federal authorities have been investigating for some time. The accused is now facing serious drug charges that could send him to prison for quite a while if -- and only if -- a conviction is ultimately secured in court.


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