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Facing business litigation over religious discrimination?

Georgia business owners get to pick and choose who they want working for them. That's the job of being the boss, right? In the hiring process, and after the fact, company owners have to be careful about abiding by discrimination laws, however. If accusations of discrimination come about, business litigation may be in one's near future.

Business litigation and internal company problems

Have you found yourself in a dispute with your business partner or employees? Are you worried about how it is all going to play out and how it will affect your company's bottom line in the long run? When it comes to internal company problems, you and other Georgia business owners may find business litigation or other dispute resolution methods necessary to resolve the situation.

Georgia business litigation: Warranty change leads to lawsuit

The well-known retailer, L.L. Bean, is facing backlash over its decision to end its lifetime warranty offering. One angry consumer has even filed a lawsuit against the company and is seeking class action status. Business litigation of this level could really hurt a company's bottom line. Business owners in Georgia may be curious to see how this particular matter gets resolved if they too are thinking about changing company policies.

Website access-related business litigation

Many company owners in Georgia have websites. It is the way the world is going and it is just good for business -- generally. How one's website is set up really does matter. It needs to be easy to navigate, have a good flow and give a good impression; after all, it may be the only thing a consumer sees before deciding whether to utilize one's services. Preparing the perfect website really is a tall order and can be quite stressful, but getting it right matters as it is possible for consumers to file business litigation claims if it is not.

Is business litigation a must when a breach of contract occurs?

Business owners in Georgia and elsewhere use contracts to help their companies. Unfortunately, some may find that the people on the other ends of these legal documents are not living up to their responsibilities. When this happens, one question generally arises: is business litigation the only way to resolve the situation?

Georgia business litigation: Wage disputes and backpay

Sometimes, business owners in Georgia and elsewhere just cannot catch a break. There will always be employees who are not happy about something. Some will even pursue legal actions in an effort to seek compensation for any perceived losses they have allegedly sustained. For example, a company owner may face business litigation should a current or former employee file a claim over an alleged wage violation.

Is business litigation the only way to handle a partner dispute?

Having a business partner to help you through the ups and downs of owning and operating your company can be a good thing. Having someone to share responsibilities can offer some relief. What happens, though, when your partner fails to hold up his or her end of the deal? Is business litigation the only way for company owners in Georgia to resolve their partnership disputes?

Are you a commercial property owner with zoning issues?

Are you a commercial property owner in Georgia? Have you come across some zoning issues that are affecting what you can do with your property? Fortunately, it may be possible for you to seek to change how your property is zoned so that you can use it how you wish. Achieving a zoning change in not necessarily easy. An experienced attorney may prove to be an extremely valuable asset as you fight for a zoning adjustment.

Business litigation requires concrete evidence of breach

In order to successfully conduct a business here in Georgia or elsewhere, it is often necessary to place some faith in other people. An entrepreneur trusts that when one enters into a contract with someone to exchange goods and/or services for monetary payment, all parties will fulfill their end of the bargain. When that does not happen, business litigation may be necessary in order to put things right.

Is a general partnership part of your business formation plans?

Starting a new venture here in Georgia or elsewhere is often like learning to drive. You are eager just to get behind the wheel, but you must take numerous steps before actually doing so. One of the more important business formation steps is to choose the type of entity under which you wish to operate.


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