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Georgia business litigation: Accused of wrongful termination

When a person is let go from his or her job, it is normal for them to question why. Some even look for reasons to claim that they were wrongfully terminated. Not saying that there are not valid wrongful termination cases filed, there are, but sometimes employers in Georgia and elsewhere are falsely accused of illegal firing practices. They then face business litigation lawsuits that could drastically hurt their companies. What are some reasons that an employer cannot fire an employee?

Business litigation: Handling claims from former employees

Being a business owner in Georgia or elsewhere is not without its complications. One has to make hard choices and sometimes those choices may come back to hurt one later. Firing an employee, for example, could result in one dealing with a business litigation issue down the road if the reason behind the firing was questionable.

Are there alternatives to business litigation?

Every now and then, business owners in Georgia and elsewhere encounter problems that may require legal assistance in order to resolve. Filing legal actions is sometimes the best way to address such problems. However, there are also times when alternatives to business litigation may be the better route.

Georgia business litigation: Company sued over product quality

LuLaRoe, the popular clothing company, has been sued by a few of its customers over product quality. This is something that could happen to any company, whether it is based in Georgia or elsewhere. When business litigation becomes a reality, or before it becomes a reality, company owners can take steps to protect themselves.

Brewery cries foul and files business litigation against town

One of the most popular cottage industries over the past several years around the nation has been the growth of micro-breweries. However, it is always risky when starting up a new business, and one of the worst fears may be that the venture will somehow find itself caught up in a business litigation. Georgia business owners might benefit from learning more about one company's recent woes.

Avoiding business litigation due to partnership disputes

Of all the decisions that need to be made when starting a business, one of the most important is selecting the type of legal structure for the company. Some of the most common forms of business are sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and S corporations. When one chooses to structure a business as a partnership, there may be times in the future when partnership disputes occur and business litigation may be looming. A 2015 article highlights some tips that may benefit those in Georgia by alleviating some of these issues.

Handling harassment and discrimination business litigation

As a business grows past a certain number of employees, it inevitably will have to make human resource (HR) rules that will govern the enterprise. Two of the most important issues that small and even large businesses may face are workplace harassment and discrimination complaints. These two issues have the ability to generate significant amounts of business litigation for companies in Georgia.

Breach of contract: Business litigation may be the only option

When entities sign a business contract, it is generally with the expectation that both parties will abide by the agreement. However, during the course of doing business, there are many issues that could complicate the arrangement and result in contract disputes. In these situations, business litigation may be the only way to move forward, and those involved in disputes Georgia may wish to consider filing breach of contract lawsuits. 

Ways entrepreneurs can limit risk and business litigation

Staring a new business can be one of the most exciting times of an entrepreneur's life. However, along with the excitement comes uncertainty, as a businessperson contemplates the financial risk that he or she faces if a business does not succeed. Those in Georgia who are establishing a new organization may want to understand how to protect themselves as much as possible from unnecessary business litigation.


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