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Will your child custody agreement work this coming school year?

While it may only be the middle of summer, the school year is fast approaching. Even if you do not want to think about it, now is a good time to review your child custody agreement and make sure it will still work when the kids head back to school. Some parents in Georgia may find modifications are necessary.

A woman's attempt to collect child support went too far

A Georgia woman has found herself in a whole lot of legal trouble for her attempt to collect financial support from her child's father. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to enforce a child support order, there is a right way to go about doing it. The lesson here is simple, think about the long-term consequences before acting.

Brad Pitt makes a case for child custody modification

Figuring out who should maintain custody of children when going through the divorce process is rarely if ever easy to do. Parents often struggle to agree on what type of child custody arrangement will best serve their family in the long run. Sometimes, initial plans turn out to do more harm than good. When this happens, parents in Georgia and elsewhere may have the ability to seek order modifications to correct the issue.

Can child support cover college expenses?

Divorce -- it is hard on Georgia families and their finances. Just because that is so does not mean that certain financial goals are totally out of reach. For example, helping children pay for college may still be possible by extending child support obligations or requiring that a certain percentage of child support funds be placed in a 529 or other college savings account.

Joint child custody: what you should know

Splitting up is hard to do. It is even harder if a couple has children to consider. Coming to child custody terms can prove difficult. While many divorcing parents in Georgia and elsewhere are turning to joint custody arrangements for the good of the children, making them work is not always a piece of cake.

Seeking child support when the other parent lives out of country

Seeking financial support for one's child should be easy, right? When having a child with another person, whether that individual was a spouse or just a significant other for a time, one expects that person to step up and at least provide something. Achieving a child support order and enforcing it can be challenging for some Georgia residents. It can be even harder if the other parent resides in a different country. 

Georgia child custody: things to know

When separating with one's significant other or going through a divorce, figuring out the best situation for the children can be a bit daunting. It is not always easy for parents to remain objective during such a trying time. At the end of the day, according to Georgia child custody laws, the final custody arrangement has to be one that is deemed to best serve the affected child or children's interests.

Georgia child support: Pay now or pay later

Having children means having the responsibility to financially provide for them. The ending of a relationship does not change that. Parents in Georgia who are ordered to pay child support can either pay now according to the terms of their support orders, or they can really pay later -- in more ways than one.

How will my need to relocate affect my child custody agreement?

When going through the divorce process, it is impossible to predict how your life will change in the future. You do your best to come up a child custody agreement you believe will work long-term, but in the end you may find that it is necessary to change it. Staying in one place for one's whole life seems almost impossible anymore. The need to relocate -- either within the state of Georgia or outside its borders -- occurs more often than not and when it does it will affect you, your children and your ex.


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