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Nesting can keep things somewhat normal for kids after divorce

When parents decide to split up, the people often hurt the most are their children. Divorce is simply hard on kids, and that is why some parents are willing to take certain measures to make the it as easy as possible for them.  This is where nesting comes into play. This is not an arrangement that works for everyone, but for some families in Georgia it may be the answer.

Bullying is a real problem in some divorce cases

Bullying affects people of all ages. Children would like to think that, as they grow up, it will stop when they reach adulthood. Sadly, this is not always the case. Adults can be bullies as well, particularly when they want to get their way -- such as when going through a divorce. What can Georgia residents do if bullying is a problem for them as they work to dissolve their marriages?

What not to do with property when getting a divorce

Wanting one's fair share of assets is a reasonable desire when going through the dissolution of marriage process. Unfortunately, there are spouses in Georgia and elsewhere who may take certain actions with some of their property to keep it from being included in the divorce settlement. One spouse hiding assets, though illegal, happens quite often.

The biggest issue of a gray divorce is money

The dissolution of marriage comes with many challenges. For younger couples with children still at home, the biggest concerns are generally about custody and financial support. For those who go through the divorce process later in life, money is typically the main issue. It is not that Georgia residents who are going through a gray divorce do not have money -- they generally do. It is more about how splitting one household into two will affect retirement years.

Seek legal guidance even if your divorce is uncontested

As hard as it may seem for some people to believe, there are quite a few couples in Georgia who do not fight about everything when ending their marriages. While many divorces can drag on while going through litigation, those that are uncontested can be resolved rather quickly. An uncontested divorce can be a great thing, but it does not mean that you should not seek legal counsel in order to make sure your final agreement really serves your best interests.

Georgia divorce: Handling the misuse of child support funds

Numerous parents in Georgia are ordered to pay child support in order to ensure that their children's needs are being met. This is a standard part of a divorce settlement if children are involved. The purpose behind child support is good; unfortunately, there are those on the receiving end who misuse the funds that they are given.

Lashing out on social media will not help your divorce

There are few people in Georgia who are not connected to some sort of social media platform. Most people use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram or various other sharing sites in order to keep up with friends and family and even make new acquaintances. While the idea and purpose behind social media can be good, there are instances when it is best to refrain from posting about one's personal life -- such as during one's divorce proceedings.

Going through a divorce? Make sure all assets are on the table

In many marriages, one spouse tends to take the lead on financial affairs. This can leave the other spouse in the dark on the true nature of their marital assets. This setup works for numerous couples, until divorce enters the picture. Those whose in Georgia who have taken the backseat on marital finances and are now going through the divorce process will want to make sure all assets are accounted for before agreeing to a final settlement; otherwise, they could end up leaving with far less than they are entitled to receive.

Moving on and growing stronger after divorce is a positive step

Many couples who are in a healthy marriage often see themselves as a unit rather than two separate individuals. This tendency can be a drawback in the event that the relationship falters and a divorce results. There has been much research that may benefit Georgia residents who are finding the process of seeking closure after a divorce more difficult than they anticipated.


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