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Facing heroin-related drug charges?

In Georgia and elsewhere, heroin is the drug of choice for a number of people. However, as it is still considered an illegal substance, those caught with it for personal use or for distribution purposes may face drug charges. Depending on what type of charges are levied, the consequences -- if convicted -- may be quite severe.

Marijuana-related drug charges are a serious matter in Georgia

While most states are taking a softer stance on marijuana-related drug crimes, Georgia still treats the possession, sale or trafficking of this substance quite harshly. Are you facing marijuana-related drug charges? If you are, you could have a lot to lose if you are ultimately convicted.

2 arrested in Georgia on drug charges

A male and a female who were staying at a campground in the Buford area were recently arrested. Police and other agencies in Georgia made the arrest after receiving information about the accused individuals. Both of the accused are now facing various drug charges, which can have significant consequences if they are convicted.

Facing marijuana drug charges in Georgia: What are the penalties?

While marijuana is legal for medicinal use in Georgia -- in the form of cannabis oil -- possessing the drug without a prescription, possessing too much with a prescription, illegally cultivating and distributing the drug are all considered crimes under current state laws. The penalties for these drug charges can be rather harsh. However, certain offenders may be able to seek alternative sentencing options.

Forsyth man facing drug charges

Police in Forsyth arrested a man that they say has been part of a major drug trafficking ring. This is a case that both local and federal authorities have been investigating for some time. The accused is now facing serious drug charges that could send him to prison for quite a while if -- and only if -- a conviction is ultimately secured in court.

Drug charges filed against Georgia man

Police in Georgia recently pulled over a man for allegedly committing various traffic violations. This stop ultimately ended with the man being arrested on drug charges on top of the the other offenses. As this is not this individual's first run in with the law, he could likely benefit from the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney to help him fight these most recent charges.

Georgia drug charges: Possession facts

Whether in Georgia or elsewhere, criminal cases that involve drugs can get quite complex. Certain drug charges are handled at the state level, while others may be prosecuted in federal court. The criminal offense of drug possession is one that may be handled in either depending on the facts of one's case. This week's column will simply go over some facts about drug possession.

3 men facing drug charges in Georgia

It was recently reported that three men were arrested following an alleged drug deal in Georgia. All three are now facing several charges for the incident, including drug charges. These are not going to be taken lightly in criminal court, and accordingly, each of the accused individuals has the right to retain legal counsel. 

Possible penalties regarding cocaine drug charges in Georgia

Every state has its own laws and penalties regarding the possession of illegal substances. Georgia is no exception, and has outlined the possible consequences for those facing drug charges. Several illegal substances are given their own separate heading under state law.

Georgia man sentenced, grandmother implicated for drug charges

When one is accused of committing a crime, there are choices that can be made that might help improve the overall circumstances. When the accusations concern drug charges, there are resources in Georgia to turn to for assistance. The guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is typically crucial to securing a favorable result. 


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