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Felony Archives

In Georgia, burglary is a felony level offense

Is burglary the same as theft or robbery? Burglary is a crime that is somewhat misunderstood. Some believe it is just taking something that belongs to someone else, but the truth is, it may not have to do with taking anything. Burglary actually refers to one's intent when he or she enters a property. The nature of this type of crime is what raises it to a felony level offense according to Georgia laws.

Georgia woman accused of insurance fraud faces felony charges

A woman in Georgia was recently arrested following an investigation into a workers' compensation fraud scheme. According to reports, this woman allegedly sold fake policies and pocketed the premiums. She has since been charged with felony fraud and is facing serious penalties as a result.

Infraction, misdemeanor and felony level offenses

Infractions, misdemeanors and felonies -- how are they different? In Georgia and elsewhere, crimes are divided into various categories, depending on the seriousness of the offenses. This week's column will discuss the difference between infraction, misdemeanor and felony level offenses and what those accused of crimes can do in order to fight the charges filed against them.

Georgia man's felony charges dismissed after child's birth

Most new parents have an uneventful trip to their local hospital or birthing center when their child is due. However, that was not the case for one Georgia family. The story of their child's birth will include how the father was arrested on felony charges while trying to get to the hospital.

Woman facing felony charges in connection with her tax business

A Georgia woman who served her town as a councilwoman was recently the target of an investigation. A local television station is purportedly claiming that their investigative reporting has led to the woman now facing new allegations of committing fraud as a tax preparer, in addition to a felony charge from an earlier allegation. She was taken into custody after authorities located her at her daughter's home.

Georgia policeman accused of felony offenses

As most people are aware, police work can be an unpredictable occupation. In fact, in the course of carrying out their duties, it has happened that police officers can find themselves facing a felony charge. One Georgia man is currently facing a two-pronged investigation after his arrest following a recent alleged assault.


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