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Georgia land use and zoning: mixed-use development coming soon

Getting approval to build in an already busy area may not prove easy for developers in Georgia. However, city officials in Atlanta recently approved a site for a mixed-use development. This is a project that has been talked about for over a year. As the development is a mixed-use site, the developer may have had to go through a lot to get land use and zoning approval.

Even when zoning is right, approval for use is still needed

In Georgia, certain pieces of real estate are set aside for specific purposes. For example, in Macon, there is a parcel of land that is zoned for distributing warehouses. A company is interested in said property, but even with the zoning correct for its purpose, the company has to seek approval from the zoning board before it can move forward with building on the property.

Failing to consider zoning issues could doom your project

As a developer, when you see a good opportunity, you more than likely take advantage of it. At times, the competition for new projects in the Atlanta metro area can be fierce. You may want to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, but doing so could mean missing important steps. Failing to consider the zoning issues that apply to your project could doom it before it even gets off the ground.

What are some things that can affect land use and zoning?

The state of Georgia has specific laws regarding how certain areas of land are to be used. This can be said for every state, really. While land use and zoning regulations may vary in every state, there are some things that affect how property is allowed to be used, and these are issues that are common everywhere.

Land use and contesting eminent domain

For many, ownership of land and a home are the cornerstones of success. Thus, the fact that the government reserves the right to take a person's land and/or home under eminent domain laws may come as an unwelcome surprise. Those in Georgia whose land use may be challenged due to eminent domain could benefit from understanding how to evaluate claims and steps available to dispute them.

Georgia could be facing eminent domain battle over pipelines

News reports and prominent political activists have recently focused on the Keystone XL Pipeline and more recently the Dakota Access Pipeline. While these projects are stalling out, new pipeline construction is booming across the country.

Property: Understanding zoning basics

When someone purchases a property, it is natural for many to believe that the property can be used in any way desired. However, even with ownership, there are many rules and restrictions that control the use of a property, which is generally called zoning. Current and/or future commercial landowners in Georgia may be interested in the types of zoning, zoning laws and other consideration that might affect a particular property.

Protests erupt over proposed land use by Muslim organization

Even in today's relatively open-minded society, issues still arise that can cause deep emotional rifts between members of the population. This is particularly true when the issues at hand are based on race, religion or other polarizing topics. Recently, the debate raging between Georgia citizens living in Newton County has made national news because of the opposition to proposed land use by a local Muslim congregation.

Georgia drunk driving suspect allegedly attempts to bribe police

Accusations of driving under the influence can have serious legal ramifications. Those convicted of charges could face fines, jail time, probation and/or loss of their driving privileges, possibly inhibiting the person's ability to get to and from work. One man in Georgia is likely considering his fate after police recently stopped him for drunk driving, and police body cameras recorded him allegedly attempting to bribe an officer.


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