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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Digital assets cannot be ignored when getting a divorce

In a ever-increasing digital world, more people in Georgia and elsewhere have digital assets. Some of these may be personal in nature and not have any monetary value -- such as social media accounts. Some of them, however, may be of great value and subject to division if divorce ever enters the picture -- such a virtual currency.

Preparing for divorce but don't want to go to court?

If you and your spouse are considering ending your marriage, you have a lot of decisions to make. There is more than one way to go about getting a divorce in Georgia. For instance, if you are wanting to keep the matter out of court, you could always try mediation first.

New year, new beginning: Divorce

Getting the year started off on the right foot may mean getting out of one's marriage. Everyone deserves to be in a healthy, happy marital relationship. When that is not the case, it is okay to cut the cord and file for divorce. January just happens to be the month that many couples in Georgia and elsewhere decide to start this process.

Divorce and the retirement account issue

Sometimes, a retirement account is the biggest asset shared by a married couple. When that couple chooses to divorce, figuring out how to split such an asset fairly and without penalty can be a challenge. There are ways to do it, though. Georgia residents can turn to their divorce attorneys for help. ?

Appealing a divorce ruling: The Alicia Stephenson case

Georgia residents who want out of their marriages likely have an idea of what they hope to achieve in terms of their settlements. Sometimes, though, divorce settlements do not always live up to that ideal. While there is often the need to negotiate terms and give a little, in the end the final agreement should be fair for both parties. If a divorce ruling is made and one spouse disagrees with its terms, it may be possible to appeal.

Family business, prenuptial agreement and divorce

Family-owned-and-operated businesses make up 90 percent of all businesses in the United States. That is significant. It is safe to say that numerous Georgia residents are among those who have started or are a part of family-owned companies. What happens to these companies in the event of divorce?

When domestic violence is an issue, a divorce attorney can help

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, this column would like to briefly touch on the different types of abuse that exist in some homes in Georgia and elsewhere. Domestic violence can go well beyond just physical abuse. No matter what type of violence one is experiencing in his or her marital relationship, a divorce attorney can help one break free.

Do genes determine possibility of divorce?

For years, psychologists have believed and agreed that one's environment as a child will affect one's adulthood. So, those individuals whose parents divorced during their childhood years are likely to follow in mom and dad's footsteps and end up filing for divorce as well. However, a recent study suggests environment may not play as big a role as once thought. Couples in Georgia and elsewhere may end up getting divorced because of their DNA.


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