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Will Attorney

Planning for one’s death may be one of the least enjoyable responsibilities that comes from the accumulation of monetary wealth. Many men and women neglect to prepare a will—even in their senior years. However, those that do often find comfort in the assurance that their wishes will be respected when their time comes. But unless their intentions are outlined in a legal document such as a will or trust, it’s unlikely that anyone will know what those intentions were. That’s why so many Georgians of all economic levels turn to a trusted law firm like Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC to handle their estate planning legal needs.

You’ve worked hard for a certain level of financial security, and now you want to see that the fruits of your labor are passed on to your family member, friend or business partner. Our attorneys can help you prepare a will or trust that establishes the amounts, division of assets and other specific details that you require for your peace of mind. Money, financial securities and other fungible assets are easy to divide, but when it comes to other items, such as real estate, cars, pets, jewelry, etc., it can be difficult to for the surviving members of your family to know what to do. This becomes even more complicated when things like business partnerships or shares of a corporation are involved. A well thought out will, drafted by a competent Georgia attorney who has knowledge in this area of the law, can clear up any lingering questions that your heirs might have.

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