Metro Atlanta Child Support Lawyers

When you file for divorce, a major concern for many parents is how the separation will affect the children. Being able to provide financially for your children is a primary concern. You should not hesitate to hire our Cumming child support lawyers to help you get the child support you need for you and your children. At Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, we provide our clients with superior representation and do everything in our power to make the child support process as stress-free as possible.

The court typically takes the following factors into consideration when determining child support:

  • Gross income of each spouse
  • The number and ages of children
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Any special needs
  • Health care costs

We understand that this process can be overwhelming and confusing and our family law attorneys are here to help. Call us at 770-744-1111 to schedule a case consultation today. In addition to our Cumming office, we have a new location in Roswell in the Gilbert House at 38 Sloan Street that is available by appointment.