Land Development & Construction Law

We Can Help At Every Stage Of Your Construction Project

Issues involving land development and construction projects are almost always more complex than they first appear. As a project's size and scope increase, so does the complexity. At Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC, our attorneys understand land development and construction issues, and we can help you achieve your goals no matter the size of your project.

Whether you are a construction contractor, real estate developer, or builder, we can help you at every stage of your project. From planning, site acquisition, financing, subcontracting, zoning approval, all the way to the final completion of your project, having knowledgeable legal counsel can help increase the success of your project.

Well-Drafted Contracts Can Help Minimize Litigation Risk

Another advantage of working with experienced land development and construction attorneys is that we understand the importance of risk allocation. A good contract properly allocates risk to the correct parties, ensuring that those best able to control the issue are responsible for risk mitigation.

Litigation can be expensive and time consuming. Litigation is an immense distraction from your business and its practical concerns. We perform the necessary due diligence in drafting and reviewing the contract and all of its elements to minimize that risk.

We work to prevent problems from getting out of hand and leading to expensive litigation. Our attorneys can help you resolve issues that invariably arise during land development and construction, and we can help you take care of them in a cost-effective and efficient fashion.

Make Sure Your Contracts Say What You Mean

It is essential that your contact is detailed, precise and complete. On a complex land development or construction project, if matters are not clearly spelled out, decisions may be made "on the fly" to keep a project on track and on time that can later have severe ramifications if problems later develop.

Contract Definitions And Completeness Are Critical

Whether gap fillers or formal change orders, change made during the work can cascade through a project. You want your contract to have robust sections that clearly state the parties' expectations.

Clear definitions and well-explained terms can help set proper expectations and ensure that everyone from project owners to contractors and subcontractors are on the same page. Our experience litigating land development and construction disputes helps us to know where things can go wrong and how you can protect yourself and your project.

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