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Reasons You May Need a Protective Order

A protective order is a legal document that instructs an individual that he or she must stay away from you. A protective order is designed to help protect you from acts of violence, stalking, and similar behaviors by discouraging the individual from being near you. If that individual does violate the protective order, you can show the protective order to a police officer and have the individual arrested. Violation of a protective order is a felony which carries significant criminal penalties. If you fear for your own safety or the safety of a family member, visit law firms near Cumming to get personalized legal advice from family lawyers.

Family lawyers can help you file a request for a protective order against your spouse, ex-spouse, child, parent,

stepparent, stepchild, and any other member of the household or previous member of the household. If you or a family member has already suffered physical harm, you should waste no time going to a lawyer for help. However, you may also need a protective order in instances where no physical harm has occurred. For example, stalking or harassment can serve as the basis for a protective order. It is advisable to share these concerns with your lawyer and to discuss getting a protective order.

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