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October 2015 Archives

What Issues Should You Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney?

For many people, divorce is an incredibly overwhelming and complicated experience. Having a divorce attorney in Cumming on your side can help you make sense of the legal proceedings and move forward with your life. Your divorce attorney will discuss a range of issues with you, which may include child custody and property division. Before you meet with your divorce attorney, consider your goals for the outcome of the divorce proceedings. You should also write down any questions you may have about family law.

Factors Involved in Child Custody Cases

When it comes to child custody cases, judges consider a number of factors before determining custody and visitation. Before your hearing, your family attorney in Cumming will carefully review all aspects of your case to determine how you can best achieve your custody goals. Here are some of the things the judge will take into account when making a ruling during your family law proceeding.

Common Reasons for Divorce

It comes as no surprise to most people to learn that the divorce rate is very high, but what exactly leads couples to file for dissolution of marriage? Although it is possible to pursue a no-fault divorce, your reasons for ending your marriage are very important for your divorce attorney in Cumming to understand, as they could impact things like child support, child custody, and visitation. Here is a look at some of the reasons your divorce lawyer is likely to have heard from other couples.

Working with a Family Law Attorney

Are you considering whether to hire an attorney for your family law case, such as a child support dispute or child custody negotiation? As this video explains, there are several advantages to having an expert in family law in Cumming working on your behalf during these types of disputes.


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