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Common Reasons for Divorce

It comes as no surprise to most people to learn that the divorce rate is very high, but what exactly leads couples to file for dissolution of marriage? Although it is possible to pursue a no-fault divorce, your reasons for ending your marriage are very important for your divorce attorney in Cumming to understand, as they could impact things like child support, child custody, and visitation. Here is a look at some of the reasons your divorce lawyer is likely to have heard from other couples.

Married for the Wrong Reasons

In some cases, a marriage was flawed from the beginning. Rather than getting married to commit to a life together, couples walk down the aisle for any number of reasons, from money to a sense of obligation. Couples who enter marriage for a reason other than love and lifetime companionship often cannot make the partnership work in the long run and want to get out to have an opportunity to find a more genuine relationship.

Loss of Identity

It’s often easy in t a marriage to isolate yourself from your individual friends and hobbies. But in the long term, not satisfying your individual friendships and interests can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction with your life and your spouse. This can be especially pronounced when children enter the picture. In addition to forgetting to nurture yourself, you may both become so engrossed in being parents that people forget to also be a couple. Through the years people drift apart so that they tie that made the individuals into a couple is lost.


Failing to share common financial goals can lead to major conflict in a marriage. If one party loves to spend while the other is a saver, then it is important to have a middle ground that satisfies your joint goals. Financial infidelity-in which one spouse hides his or her money habits from the other-can be more common and just as damaging to a marriage than physical infidelity. These issues may also figure prominently during your divorce case.


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