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April 2016 Archives

A Look at the Mediation Process

Filing for divorce does not always mean the case must be decided in court. Many divorcing couples successfully reach an agreeable divorce decree through divorce mediation proceedings near Cumming. Consider talking to a family law attorney about whether mediation might be appropriate for your situation. As your family law attorney can explain to you, a mediator is a neutral third-party who will meet with you and your spouse to guide the two of you toward solutions for issues such as child custody, visitation, and property division.

Georgia officials put eminent domain case on hold

When it comes to eminent domain in Georgia, most of the time a case involves a homeowner or other private landowner against the government. On rare occasions, though, governments might actually come to the aid of private property owners to prevent land from heading to condemnation proceedings for the benefit of a corporation.

Executing a simple will is easier than you might imagine - II

In a previous post, we discussed how estate planning is not a priority for many people and that perhaps more than an underlying fear of death or simple procrastination, this mindset can be traced to the mistaken belief that it's a complex process that they don't need and/or don't understand.

Grandparents as guardians: a rising trend

Grandparents are often the unsung heroes in extended families. Whether it's picking up a child from school when parents are stuck at work, coming over while the kids are asleep so parents can have a date night, or giving youngsters a piece of candy or some money when their parents aren't looking, grandparents often do a lot for their families that doesn't always get recognized.

Understanding more about business formation: LLCs

Last month, we began discussing how even though budding entrepreneurs eager to make a mark in the business world are consumed by things like product development, sales projections and market share, it's important not to put the cart before the horse.

The lingering effects of Georgia drug convctions

Being charged with a felony in Georgia is obviously serious business. Drug crimes have always been prosecuted aggressively; even what might seem to some people to be relatively minor drug infractions may lead to significant penalties, including time in prison.

Understanding your rights when the government threatens to take your land

When you learn that a governmental entity here in the state of Georgia has an interest in securing your property for use in a public project, it's likely that you will experience a range of emotions from shock and outrage to anxiety and perhaps even resignation.

Different Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody laws in Cumming, GA, are intended to support the best interests of the child. However, family law judges have discretion in determining exactly what this means for each particular case. There are a range of factors that a family law judge may consider when establishing child custody and visitation. Your family attorney can help you learn about the possible outcomes of your case.

Are the state's civil asset forfeiture laws patently unfair?

When it comes to combating drug crimes, law enforcement officials here in Georgia have a multitude of tools at their disposal from sophisticated surveillance technology to confidential informants. Interestingly enough, there is another tool that law enforcement says is indispensable in its war on drugs, but which critics says does nothing more than create an improper profit motive.

Common Reasons for Getting Divorced

"Till death do you part" may be an admirable sentiment, but real life is rarely so cut-and-dry. Every marriage will experience problems from time to time and about half of marriages won't survive these obstacles. If the dissolution of marriage is more appealing than staying together, it's time to consult a family attorney with offices in Cumming. Every couple has their own unique reasons for seeking a contested or uncontested divorce, but there are some common trends.

Businesses rejoice as Governor Deal vetoes controversial bill

Over the last few months, our blog has been closely following the progress of House Bill 757, the contentious legislation designed to grant Georgia business owners the right to refuse to hire or terminate those employees who hold contrary values, and refuse services to those whose lifestyle is not in accord with their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Helping Your Children Through Divorce

Divorce is difficult for the adults involved and even harder on their children. Most couples going through a divorce can at least agree on the desire to minimize the impact on their children. Your family attorney in Cumming can help you navigate the divorce process in a way that protects your children as much as possible. This legal advice will also help.


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