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Common Reasons for Getting Divorced

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Divorce

“Till death do you part” may be an admirable sentiment, but real life is rarely so cut-and-dry. Every marriage will experience problems from time to time and about half of marriages won’t survive these obstacles. If the dissolution of marriage is more appealing than staying together, it’s time to consult a family attorney with offices in Cumming. Every couple has their own unique reasons for seeking a contested or uncontested divorce, but there are some common trends.

Financial Difficulties

Financial problems often reveal underlying insecurities in a marriage. A couple may have different money management styles; one may be a saver, while the other is a spender. Couples may also realize that they have different financial goals in life; one partner may want to travel the world, while the other might be more interested in launching his or her own business. Regardless of the specifics, financial problems can strain any marriage and cause serious, chronic stress. If the rift is too difficult to overcome, the couple may decide that an divorce is the only way to move forward.


There is no question that infidelity is a breach of trust in a relationship. Even the mere suspicion of infidelity without proof can be sufficient to destroy a marriage. Couples can sometimes overcome infidelity with intensive marriage counseling and a renewed commitment to each other, but quite often, it leads to divorce.

Communication Breakdown

Marriages do not always break down overnight. Sometimes, a marriage ends after years of gradual drifting apart. Couples may realize that they no longer communicate as they once did. They may misunderstand each other and feel as though they are constantly at odds with each other, rather than functioning as cooperating partners. Frequent arguments can exacerbate the tension in a marriage that is already experiencing problems.

Life Circumstances

Many changes in life circumstances may cause a marriage to fall apart. Changes in life circumstances can include the development of a substance abuse problem or geographical relocations due to work commitments. Additionally, empty nesters will sometimes realize that they no longer have a connection with each other and that the presence of their children was making that void in their own relationship.


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