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June 2016 Archives

Georgia man receives 80-year sentence for drug charges

When a person is suspected of a crime in this country, it is understandable that police and other authorities want to seek swift justice and secure a conviction. However, this pursuit for justice must not trample on the rights of the accused. A Georgia man was recently tried and convicted for alleged drug charges that resulted in a severe 80-year sentence.

Son of Gladys Knight considering criminal defense after raid

White collar crimes encompass a wide variety of unlawful financially motivated activities. Those accused of these crimes are generally subjected to the search and seizure of financial records and documents by state and federal agencies. The recent raid of Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles restaurants in Georgia demonstrates the implications one may face when accused of these crimes, and it has likely resulted in her son beginning to mount a criminal defense to respond to his charges.

Boundary disputes: Preserving property and neighbor relationships

We all want to have amiable relationships with our neighbors, but property disputes can test those relationships. Without a previously existing fence, it can be hard to determine just who owns that beautiful old tree that needs costly pruning to prevent roof damage. The decision to put up a privacy fence can create tension between two people, as well, if the line between the properties is unclear.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

Biological paternity is an important factor when determining the rights and responsibilities of your child's father under Georgia family law. If your child is born during your marriage and you later decide to seek a marriage annulment, paternity can play a part in the determination of child custody, child visitation rights, and payment of child support. However, if your child was born outside of a marriage, his father will still retain child support responsibilities, but no rights to child custody or visitation. Thus, it is important to establish paternity when determining child custody and support matters, regardless of whether you wish to remain a single parent or are seeking marriage annulment in Cumming. Your family attorney can help you with the determination of the father's rights and the development of a child support or visitation plan that meets your needs and preferences during the divorce process to ensure your child is given the positive environment and financial stability he needs.

Georgia dad charged with drunk driving with 3 kids in car

Anyone who has driven with small children knows how distracting it can be. While driving on the highway at night when there may be less traffic, the possibility is much greater that a driver may not observe his or her speed if things are transpiring in the car. However, a man in Georgia now faces a drunk driving charge after police say he was speeding on a local highway.

Georgia business planning gets an overhaul in Atlanta

It is always an exciting time when entrepreneurs embark on new business ventures. However, despite following all of the rules and regulations set forth by cities throughout Georgia, many find business planning and formation to be arduous and time consuming. The commissioner in Atlanta's department of planning and community development hopes that his restructuring plan will ease the way for new businesses in Atlanta and serve as an example for other cities in Georgia who wish to do the same.

Georgia drunk driving suspect allegedly attempts to bribe police

Accusations of driving under the influence can have serious legal ramifications. Those convicted of charges could face fines, jail time, probation and/or loss of their driving privileges, possibly inhibiting the person's ability to get to and from work. One man in Georgia is likely considering his fate after police recently stopped him for drunk driving, and police body cameras recorded him allegedly attempting to bribe an officer.

Stepparent Adoption

When one parent is granted child custody following a marriage annulment, the second parent is required to pay child support. If you later choose to remarry, stepparent adoption allows your new spouse to formally adopt your child. Because stepparent adoption is governed by Georgia family law, it is beneficial to work with a family attorney in Cumming during this process.

Georgia teen arrested on meth and marijuana drug charges

Facing any kind of felony charge in Georgia can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person ever faces. Even for non-violent offenses, the penalties can be severe for individuals, including those accused of drug charges, especially those in possession of a quantity that suggests the intent to distribute. When an alleged suspect is a teenager, he or she can be particularly consumed by thoughts of long-term incarceration and what this could mean for his or her future.

How to File for Divorce

Filing for divorce is a multi-step process that is rarely simple or straightforward. Marriage annulments may be contested or uncontested, depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce and the feelings of both parties involved. Even if you are planning to file for a no-fault divorce or uncontested divorce near Cumming, it is best to hire an experienced attorney to provide up-to-date legal advice regarding issues such as family law, child custody, and the division of assets.

Georgia drunk driving laws do not just apply to the roads

While much attention is focused on those who drive under the influence on Georgia roads, many may need to consider the laws that govern the operation of a boat or other watercraft while under the influence during this summer season. For many in the state, having a few alcoholic beverages while boating may seem like common practice. However, drunk driving regulations still apply while on the water, and restrictions have been tightened over the past three years.

Rise in will creation and estate planning follows Prince's death

When plans are not made for an estate, money and other assets can pass to unintended recipients. After the recent death of Prince, the lack of a will has caused his estate to enter probate proceedings. The probate process can prove extremely expensive, ultimately degrading the assets of an estate. Due to this, many in Georgia and throughout the country have begun making legal plans for their estates.

Different Types of Divorce

In essence, a divorce is the dissolution of marriage between two individuals. However, in reality, there are several ways in which this marriage annulment can be achieved. If you have legal questions abouthow to file for divorce near Cumming, working with an attorney specializing in family law can provide the counsel you need during this time.

Georgia couple facing drug charges after discovered squatting

When a Georgia citizen is accused of a crime, he or she has rights that must be upheld by law enforcement officials. As an example, an accused individual has the right to legal counsel and the right to be treated fairly and with dignity by investigating officers. According to a recent article, a local husband and wife were allegedly found living in someone else home, and they are currently facing drug charges and other felony counts after being discovered by the home's owner.  


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