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Georgia couple facing drug charges after discovered squatting

When a Georgia citizen is accused of a crime, he or she has rights that must be upheld by law enforcement officials. As an example, an accused individual has the right to legal counsel and the right to be treated fairly and with dignity by investigating officers. According to a recent article, a local husband and wife were allegedly found living in someone else home, and they are currently facing drug charges and other felony counts after being discovered by the home’s owner.  

The article states that the home’s proprietor left the country in December of 2014. He was contracted to work abroad, and he recently returned to the United States. When he arrived home after 15 months, police claim that he discovered an unknown man and woman living in his residence.

The husband and wife who were found in the home have been charged with several legal infractions. The most serious that they face are drug charges. These stem from the discovery that the couple was allegedly cultivating marijuana plants in the house and intended to sell the drugs once harvested.

Regardless of the charges those in Georgia may face, it is important to remember that they are presumed innocent until proved otherwise. Confronting felony and drug charges may at first appear difficult to overcome, but an attorney whose practice focuses on criminal law can offer advice on navigating federal and state legal channels in order to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for a situation. Most importantly, an attorney will help ensure that his or her client’s rights are protected.

Source:, “Couple arrested squatting, growing pot in Clayton County house“, Ellen Eldridge, May 28, 2016

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