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August 2016 Archives

Succession advice for business planning

When starting a business, much planning is undertaken to set it up for success. However, it is not often that initial business planning encompasses what will happen when a business ends or changes hands. Those in Georgia who start a small business may want to consider making plans in the event of the retirement or death of an owner.

Tips on choosing an executor for a will

There are several important aspects to a creating a complete estate plan. The creation of a will is the foundation of a carefully considered plan. However, it is not always the final step. Many in Georgia often choose to name an executor for their estate, who will help ensure that their wishes are carried out.

3 men face drug charges after Georgia arrest

Often, people who take a long road trip may not know how it will end. However, three men driving through Georgia to the northeast most likely did not expect their trip to end in arrests. Unfortunately, they now face drug charges after they were stopped by police at a routine safety checkpoint.

Man suspected of drunk driving in Georgia accidents

It is easy for many people and authorities to make assumptions when someone is suspected of a crime. For example, it is easy to assume that a person may be guilty of drunk driving or other crimes if they flee the scene of a highway accident. However, these assumptions are not sufficient to prove someone committed a crime or to secure a conviction in a trial. Recently, a Georgia man was arrested and accused of a DUI when he was involved in multiple accidents along a highway in metro Atlanta. At this point, it is unclear what evidence supports these charges.

Georgia man likely building criminal defense after arrest

Being arrested for a crime can be one of the most difficult situations a person can face. If that crime allegedly includes the death of loved ones, it can be emotionally devastating. A Georgia man has recently been charged with manslaughter because of heat exposure in the deaths of his twin girls. It is likely that he is building a criminal defense in order to ensure a fair trial.

Creating a living will can help ensure healthcare directives

As medical science has advanced, people in Georgia and throughout the country are living longer. However, the science and pharmaceuticals that support mental function have not advanced as quickly as those that support physical capabilities, and this has resulted in an increased populace of healthy yet cognitively impaired residents in the United States. Due to this, many people advancing in years have begun to consider creating a living will, which can ensure that their wishes about medical care are carried out in the event that they become incapacitated.

Breach of contract: Business litigation may be the only option

When entities sign a business contract, it is generally with the expectation that both parties will abide by the agreement. However, during the course of doing business, there are many issues that could complicate the arrangement and result in contract disputes. In these situations, business litigation may be the only way to move forward, and those involved in disputes Georgia may wish to consider filing breach of contract lawsuits. 

Ways entrepreneurs can limit risk and business litigation

Staring a new business can be one of the most exciting times of an entrepreneur's life. However, along with the excitement comes uncertainty, as a businessperson contemplates the financial risk that he or she faces if a business does not succeed. Those in Georgia who are establishing a new organization may want to understand how to protect themselves as much as possible from unnecessary business litigation.

Georgia mom charged with drunk driving while breastfeeding

Being arrested for any infraction can be a stressful time for Georgia citizens. However, when someone is accused of drunk driving while posing a threat to a child, those in law enforcement and the judicial system tend to take the charges much more seriously. This can be compounded when the accused also has charges in his or her history relating to child endangerment.

Access to Blue Book may continue to hinder criminal defense

When someone is charged with a federal crime in Georgia, the burden of proof resides with the prosecution. During discovery, prosecutors are required to present certain information to the criminal defense team that describes the basis of the prosecution's case. One document created by the prosecution team is called the Blue Book, which is a document that the government creates detailing the information prosecutors are required to give to the defense. 

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