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September 2016 Archives

Georgia could be facing eminent domain battle over pipelines

News reports and prominent political activists have recently focused on the Keystone XL Pipeline and more recently the Dakota Access Pipeline. While these projects are stalling out, new pipeline construction is booming across the country.

Teacher likely focused on criminal defense in child battery case

In recent years, cameras have been placed in most places that involve childcare. This is in order to protect the children, their teachers, caregivers and parents when issues of criminal behavior arise. Recently, an article reported that a Georgia grade school teacher was allowed to turn himself in after a judge reluctantly issued a warrant for his arrest. Along with his selected counsel, the teacher is likely considering his criminal defense options to ensure his rights are protected in upcoming legal proceedings.

Handling harassment and discrimination business litigation

As a business grows past a certain number of employees, it inevitably will have to make human resource (HR) rules that will govern the enterprise. Two of the most important issues that small and even large businesses may face are workplace harassment and discrimination complaints. These two issues have the ability to generate significant amounts of business litigation for companies in Georgia.

Woman accused of drunk driving, killing one and injuring another

When driving on Georgia's roads and highways, there are unfortunately many reasons that may cause a driver to swerve on the road. These reasons may be difficult to explain to an officer of the law if he or she happens to observe a person driving erratically. Recently, the police stopped a woman when they suspected drunk driving.

Property: Understanding zoning basics

When someone purchases a property, it is natural for many to believe that the property can be used in any way desired. However, even with ownership, there are many rules and restrictions that control the use of a property, which is generally called zoning. Current and/or future commercial landowners in Georgia may be interested in the types of zoning, zoning laws and other consideration that might affect a particular property.

Essential advice for family-owned business succession

It really is amazing, watching how the business industry has shifted and changed over the years. We once saw the big box retailers trampling smaller businesses (family-owned or otherwise), and yet now we are seeing the smaller businesses begin to rise up yet again.

Student may be considering criminal defense after shooting

When a person kills another accidentally and without premeditation, it is generally considered by legal definition as manslaughter. In order for someone to be charged with manslaughter rather than murder, certain conditions need to be met. Most who are charged with a felony in Georgia seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Pro basketball player charged with drunk driving in Georgia

Being arrested and charged with one or more crimes can be a difficult experience for anyone. With the coverage following the arrest of a celebrity, the account of an event can often be exaggerated by the media in order to sell the story. Recently, the news reported that a professional basketball player was arrested for drunk driving on a Georgia highway while driving to pick his father up from the airport.

Understanding drunk driving laws in Georgia

During holiday weekends, accidents involving alcohol seem to be a tragic inevitability. Driving while inebriated is always extremely dangerous, both to the driver and also to other motorists on the road. There could be times, however, that drivers in Georgia may find themselves facing charges of drunk driving. The following information represents a basic understanding of the laws in the state of Georgia.

Georgia bust results in multiple drug charges

In drug cases, searches and seizures can often develop from information found in previous raids. When this happens within a close time frame, however, important legal procedures can be overlooked by law enforcement in the haste to secure arrests. In a recent article, several in Georgia are facing significant drug charges after their involvement in subsequent raids.

Georgia probate litigation: Laws to consider

When a loved one passes away, it is generally an emotionally difficult time. Often, family members and other important relations have no desire to contend with the legal aspects of dealing with their loved ones' possessions. However, it could be important to understand the various aspects of Georgia law and probate litigation, in the event that one is faced with it unexpectedly.

Building criminal defense vital for trucker in teen's death

When a commercial truck driver is involved in a crash that causes serious injury or death to others, public opinion and sympathy can often lay on the side of the victims. While there may be cases in which the responsibility for an accident lays solely on the shoulders of the truck driver, many cases may contain mitigating factors that caused the wreck. When faced with seemingly insurmountable charges, many truck drivers in Georgia may decide to call upon an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can determine a strong and effective defense strategy.

Protests erupt over proposed land use by Muslim organization

Even in today's relatively open-minded society, issues still arise that can cause deep emotional rifts between members of the population. This is particularly true when the issues at hand are based on race, religion or other polarizing topics. Recently, the debate raging between Georgia citizens living in Newton County has made national news because of the opposition to proposed land use by a local Muslim congregation.

Trusts and planning can keep an inheritance with intended heirs

While discussing end-of-life plans is uncomfortable for most, the thought of beneficiaries wasting money and time squabbling over one's assets is probably even more unpalatable. Intended heirs often have to deal with unexpected legal issues and, at times, can be faced with outside entities that suddenly seek to receive assets from an estate. Those in Georgia may be interested in establishing trusts and pursuing some other ways to maximize an inheritance while keeping their assets in the family.


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