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October 2016 Archives

Things that heirs should address with aging parents

It is generally uncomfortable for people to discuss topics relating to their loved ones' potential physical and emotional decline as they age. However, these conversations can be vital, as they can allow people to make plans and decisions that outline their wishes about how their personal affairs are governed as they age. Many in Georgia create plans in conjunction with their heirs in order to solidify these wishes and remove any ambiguity regarding their desires.

Criminal defense options when charged with assault and/or battery

When a resident of Georgia is accused of a violent crime, it is likely that he or she will want to act to avoid the harsh penalties that a conviction could carry. Criminal charges for assault and battery could have serious consequences, impacting the personal and professional life of the accused. Therefore, it is important to understand what criminal defense strategies are available for these criminal allegations.

Alleged drunk driving causes wrong-way accident in Georgia

Driving while intoxicated has been linked to many wrong-way accidents on America's highways in the past several years. This is especially prevalent late at night, when the posted signage is not as apparent as it would be during the day. Recently, police allege that drunk driving caused a serious accident in Georgia.

Uber driver arrested for DUI drug charges after car search

When someone is pulled over because they are suspected of DUI, there are certain protocols that officers must follow to be able to search the person's car. There are many protections in place that help ensure citizens are not subjected to unlawful searches or seizures. Sometimes law enforcement needs to have a search warrant before they can search a person or their personal property, but most searches are made without warrants and are based on probable cause. Recently, a Georgia driver was arrested on drug charges when police pulled him over for suspected drunk driving.

Things to know about stand your ground laws and criminal defense

After Trayvon Martin was shot by an armed community watch volunteer, Stand Your Ground laws were thrust into the national media spotlight. It quickly became apparent that the laws put in place to allow citizens to defend themselves were confusing, and that many people had vastly different interpretations of what was and was not legal. Even if the outcome is not as tragic as the Martin case, many in Georgia who use force to protect themselves should understand the basics of this law and how it may impact criminal defense.

Essential estate planning steps for parents and heirs

Discussions of inheritance between parents and children can often be uncomfortable, generally because it inherently involves a dialogue concerning a parent's death. However, in order to ensure that possessions are distributed to intended heirs, benefactor's wishes are carried out properly and the family remains financially sound, these discussions need to occur. Those in Georgia may be interested in a few steps to take in order to ensure that legal documents protect against protracted legal battles, especially if unscrupulous agents enter into the picture.

Criminal defense information for organized crime and racketeering

Because businesses in Georgia and other states can greatly impact interstate and even foreign commerce, companies engaged in certain illegal activities could face charges of federal crimes. By definition, racketeering occurs when illegal businesses are run by groups or legitimate businesses which use profits to benefit a criminal organization. Racketeering could lead to serious penalties for those convicted of being involved in the process. Many facing these charges consider seeking an attorney who is well versed in criminal defense.

How field sobriety tests determine drunk driving

A field sobriety test is a tool used by police officers to enforce state and driving under the influence laws. It is normally administered before giving a Breathalyzer test when a person is suspected of drunk driving. If an officer in Georgia suspects that a motorist is impaired either to alcohol consumption, then he or she will usually instruct the motorist to perform a three-part sobriety test.

Ways to ensure heirs receive benefits as intended

Discussing end-of-life plans is uncomfortable for many, but the thought of beneficiaries wasting money and time fighting over one's assets is probably even more unpalatable. When someone passes away without an estate plan, loved ones and heirs often have to deal with legal issues and quarrelsome family members during their time of grief. Those in Georgia may be interested in some ways to maximize an inheritance, which often involves avoiding probate court.

Drug charges: What is possession with intent to distribute?

There are many residents in Georgia who have been charged with crimes involving drug use or possession. Drug charges can bring serious consequences to those who are convicted. One specific federal drug charge commonly encountered is possession with the intent to distribute. It is important to understand what this charge means in order to mount a solid legal defense.

Tips for creating an ironclad will in Georgia

In today's society, people are living longer, divorcing and remarrying more regularly and belong to family unit structures that are more fluid than in years past. In previous decades, people in Georgia married, had children, and then created a will that was generally as complete and relevant upon their deaths as it was when it was formed. However, the current dynamic family environments in America have required a fresh look at the creation and language of wills. A recent article offers some tips to help ensure that intended beneficiaries receive what is intended with the least amount of difficulty.

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