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December 2016 Archives

New tool to aid parents with child custody in collecting support

The fairy tale of happily ever after doesn't always work out. When that happens in a family with children, there are the important matters of child custody and support that need to be settled. As some parents in Georgia may have experienced, making support payments on time can be challenging. That can make it difficult for those relying on timely payments.

Brewery cries foul and files business litigation against town

One of the most popular cottage industries over the past several years around the nation has been the growth of micro-breweries. However, it is always risky when starting up a new business, and one of the worst fears may be that the venture will somehow find itself caught up in a business litigation. Georgia business owners might benefit from learning more about one company's recent woes.

Georgia officer faces drunk driving charges

In general, the public tend to look up to those in law enforcement and expect these men and women to somehow live lives beyond reproach. However, no one is perfect, and there are times even those sworn to uphold the law can find themselves accused of a crime such as drunk driving. One Georgia officer finds himself facing those circumstances now.

Having a baby means it is also time to create a will

Bringing a new child into the world is a time of excitement and joy. Adding to a Georgia family brings up all kinds of strong emotions, including a renewed sense of responsibility toward loved ones and a desire to protect one's children in every way possible. Many people make a concerted effort to create a home that is safe and welcoming to a new baby, including babyproofing, decorating the nursery and ensuring that everything is in place to care for an infant. An often overlooked yet vitally important preparation is drafting a new will.

During family law case, don't be shy about asking for help

Going through a divorce is tough, even when ending the marriage is clearly the best possible course of action. For many in Georgia, working through the details of a divorce is incredibly stressful. There are a number of important financial decisions that must be made, and the outcome of those choices will have a lasting impact on each spouse's financial security. During a divorce or other family law process, it is important to get assistance as needed.

The 5 components of a business plan

Starting a business is a goal many people in Cumming have. Business owners should create a business plan that can serve as a foundation to guide and help them achieve the funding, support, and growth they desire. Knowing the five components of a good business plan can also help many business owners to avoid compliance issues.

Settlement in beloved author's probate litigation

Many Georgia readers are familiar with the work of author Maurice Sendak. Perhaps best known for his book "Where the Wild Things Are," Sendak touched the lives of many and will forever hold a place among American children's authors. Sendak passed away in 2012, and his estate has been involved in probate litigation since then.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for two in Georgia

A traffic stop in Conyers, Georgia, has led to the arrest of two young women on serious charges related to illegal drugs. They will now have to answer to those drug charges in a court of law and face serious punitive measures if they are unable to avoid conviction. As many readers know, having a drug conviction on one's record can have lasting negative consequences.

Several facing drug charges after raid in Georgia

When police officers or other law enforcement agents conduct a drug raid in Georgia, the situation doesn't always end right then and there. Often, further investigations are conducted and additional arrests are made hours, days, even weeks later. A drug raid also does not necessarily mean that those charged with crimes will be convicted once the court hears both sides of the story.

Discussing inheritance equity while drafting a will

For many Georgia residents, estate planning is not a high priority. For some, openly discussing details surrounding the topic of death is uncomfortable. For others, indecision on various topics makes it difficult to begin the process of drafting a will. For those who have multiple children and are uncertain how to divide their inheritance, the following tips may provide a measure of assistance.

Crafting a will for beneficiaries with special needs

Determining how one's assets will be distributed after they pass away can be a complex task. When someone in Georgia creates a will, there are many things to take into consideration. This is especially true if an individual wishes to leave money or other assets to a person with special needs.

Important things to consider during business formation

Starting a new business can be both exciting and nerve wracking. There are many decisions to make and issues to consider during the process of business formation. Readers in Georgia may be interested in an article that addresses three particular topics that can be important in establishing a strong foundation in a successful new enterprise.

Multiple marriages can result in will administration headaches

There are several important aspects to a creating a fully-functioning estate plan in Georgia. The creation of a will is obviously an incredibly important foundational piece of a well-rounded plan. However, keeping one's will up to date can be equally as important, especially if a person divorces his or her partner and remarries.


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