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January 2017 Archives

Family law may provide relief for some parents

The majority of non-custodial parents want to do the best they can for their children. However, when one starts to get behind in child support payments, it can seem to have a snowball effect. There are likely a few Georgia parents who have struggled to make their payments on time and may have consulted with a family law professional.

Hospital system, doctors fail to resolve contract disputes

It requires much behind the scenes communications and negotiations to keep a hospital emergency department running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, there are times an accord cannot be reached in employment contract disputes and as a result, negative consequences may result. It is likely that many Georgia businesses have had their own share of headaches associated with these types of negotiations.

Charges dropped in woman's drunk driving case

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a devastating event, especially if the case against one is groundless. While there are many who have been charged with drunk driving, sometimes there are errors on the part of the arresting officer. One Georgia woman who had been charged with this offense recently had her  charges dropped.

Woman facing felony charges in connection with her tax business

A Georgia woman who served her town as a councilwoman was recently the target of an investigation. A local television station is purportedly claiming that their investigative reporting has led to the woman now facing new allegations of committing fraud as a tax preparer, in addition to a felony charge from an earlier allegation. She was taken into custody after authorities located her at her daughter's home.

Man victim of one aspect of family law statute

Getting married and having a child is often in the plans for many adults. However, in the case of teenagers, the decision to marry may not always have a happy ending. One divorced man may now be a victim of one aspect of family law in his state. While this man does not live in Georgia, chances are there are families here who may have found themselves in a similar situation.

How to prevent family disputes estate planning

No one enjoys thinking about life after death, but it is necessary to do so to protect an estate. Inheritances are often a source of conflict for Cumming families when a relative dies. Even though there are estate plans in place, that does not stop some family members from doing everything they can to counteract them. With careful planning, it is possible to keep your family from squabbling over your final wishes.

U.S. Supreme Court refuses child custody appeal for Indian child

The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 was passed in an effort to help tribal people keep their families and their heritage intact. This law passed in response to concerns that too many Indian children were being taken from their families through adoptions. Now, with the support offered by this legislation, more tribal families are able to retain or be granted child custody when disputes arise. As some Georgia well know, custody disputes can be some of the hardest issues to settle.

Careful preparation may avoid some contract disputes

No matter what one's chosen field of employment, misunderstandings are relatively common and can lead to challenging working conditions. In some cases, having a carefully considered blueprint for business interactions might diffuse some contract disputes before problems escalate. However, as many Georgia construction workers may have experienced, not every problem is easily solved.

Georgia policeman accused of felony offenses

As most people are aware, police work can be an unpredictable occupation. In fact, in the course of carrying out their duties, it has happened that police officers can find themselves facing a felony charge. One Georgia man is currently facing a two-pronged investigation after his arrest following a recent alleged assault.

The benefit of keeping calm and rational during a divorce

The decision to marry may often be made in a rush of emotions. However, when the time comes to file for a divorce, it may work best if the spouses remain as neutral as possible. There may be many Georgia couples who are currently contemplating taking this step who might benefit from some recent suggestions.


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