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February 2017 Archives

Going through a divorce? Make sure all assets are on the table

In many marriages, one spouse tends to take the lead on financial affairs. This can leave the other spouse in the dark on the true nature of their marital assets. This setup works for numerous couples, until divorce enters the picture. Those whose in Georgia who have taken the backseat on marital finances and are now going through the divorce process will want to make sure all assets are accounted for before agreeing to a final settlement; otherwise, they could end up leaving with far less than they are entitled to receive.

One company's business planning may be riskier than banks

Those who choose to take the risks to operate a new business are often willing to explore new ways to re-invent the wheel. It is this willingness to consider new business planning ideas that can lead to either great success or devastating failure. There are likely many future business owners in Georgia who are searching for the right way to launch a new enterprise and may benefit from experienced professionals who can assist them in achieving their goals.

Moving on and growing stronger after divorce is a positive step

Many couples who are in a healthy marriage often see themselves as a unit rather than two separate individuals. This tendency can be a drawback in the event that the relationship falters and a divorce results. There has been much research that may benefit Georgia residents who are finding the process of seeking closure after a divorce more difficult than they anticipated.

What do you need in your will?

If you are just starting the estate planning process, understanding the necessary steps to finish a complete plan that takes care of everyone who depends on you can be difficult. The process is complex, and making sure your final wishes are clear and that you have set up the financial structures your family needs to be secure often means turning to legal help. This is because an attorney is your best resource for checking each document to ensure it is sound and that all the important elements of your estate plan are in place.

Divorce can lead to healthier lifestyle for some older women

Many studies have been conducted to determine whether the end of a marriage is detrimental. But until recently, no one study has focused on whether a divorce can be beneficial to one's health. While many Georgia families may have had some emotional adjustments to make after a divorce, some researchers claim there may be a health benefit for some of these women.

Georgia man's felony charges dismissed after child's birth

Most new parents have an uneventful trip to their local hospital or birthing center when their child is due. However, that was not the case for one Georgia family. The story of their child's birth will include how the father was arrested on felony charges while trying to get to the hospital.

Possible penalties regarding cocaine drug charges in Georgia

Every state has its own laws and penalties regarding the possession of illegal substances. Georgia is no exception, and has outlined the possible consequences for those facing drug charges. Several illegal substances are given their own separate heading under state law.

Successful business planning won't have these common mistakes

Many Georgia residents may contemplate the idea of starting their own company. However, from the germ of the idea to the fruition of hard work, there are many steps along the path. One of the most important steps in the process is investing the right amount of effort in the business planning stage.

Fathers want courts to provide more child custody time

When parents divorce, one of the biggest questions they may face could relate to how and by whom children will be raised. In a majority of child custody cases, the courts tend to award more time to mothers than to fathers. Many Georgia families may also be struggling to resolve this issue as their divorce proceeds.

Important financial moves that may help during a divorce

Not every couple who ties the knot will remain married, for a variety of reasons. However, once the decision to divorce has been made, there can be far-reaching financial implications. Georgia residents who are preparing to embark on the process of a dissolution do have qualified resources to turn to in order to guide them through the process.

Georgia man sentenced, grandmother implicated for drug charges

When one is accused of committing a crime, there are choices that can be made that might help improve the overall circumstances. When the accusations concern drug charges, there are resources in Georgia to turn to for assistance. The guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is typically crucial to securing a favorable result. 


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