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Yes, you can seek child custody and support modifications

When it comes to custody and support orders, they are written to fit a family’s situation at the time with the hope that they will work well into the future. However, life changes often happen and will affect how well child custody and support orders function. Sometimes, adjustments to these orders will be needed. Thankfully, if this applies to you, the state of Georgia does allow parents to seek order modifications — under the right circumstances.

It is impossible to predict employment changes, illness, financial woes, the need to relocate, support issues and what children will want in the future — among other things. That can affect custody and child support arrangements. This is why custody and support orders are not set in stone. The court understands that changes in circumstances happen and is willing to grant modifications to these orders if doing so is believed to be in the best interests of the affected child.

Of course, achieving order adjustments is not necessarily an easy task, especially if both parents are not on board with the changes. When parents do not agree on changing custody and/or support orders, they will have to petition the court and the judge will have the final say in the matter. Those parents who are able to come to acceptable terms outside of court will still have to have the new orders signed off by a judge.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a child custody and/or support modification if that is what you feel is best for you and your children. An experienced family law attorney can assist you in taking the steps necessary to do this. With help, it is possible to achieve orders that better serve your family’s current needs. To learn more about child custody and support laws in Georgia and how and attorney may be able to help you with modification requests, please visit our firm’s website.


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