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April 2017 Archives

Seek legal guidance even if your divorce is uncontested

As hard as it may seem for some people to believe, there are quite a few couples in Georgia who do not fight about everything when ending their marriages. While many divorces can drag on while going through litigation, those that are uncontested can be resolved rather quickly. An uncontested divorce can be a great thing, but it does not mean that you should not seek legal counsel in order to make sure your final agreement really serves your best interests.

Drug charges filed against Georgia man

Police in Georgia recently pulled over a man for allegedly committing various traffic violations. This stop ultimately ended with the man being arrested on drug charges on top of the the other offenses. As this is not this individual's first run in with the law, he could likely benefit from the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney to help him fight these most recent charges.

Georgia business planning: Preparing an exit strategy

Every business owner, at some point, will want to step away from his or her company for retirement. It is not a subject most like to dwell on, but it is something for which one should prepare. Creating an exit plan is simply an important part of the business planning process. It is not something that company owners in Georgia or elsewhere should delay.

What does it mean to be granted legal child custody?

Most people only think about the physical aspect of being granted custody of their children. While determining who a child will live with or how he or she will split time between parents does make up a significant part of the child custody agreement, there simply is more to it. Parents or the court will also have to decide who will get to make legal decisions for the affected child. Parents in Georgia who are granted legal custody will have that right.

Breathalyzers used to determine impairment in drunk driving cases

Law enforcement officers in Georgia are trained to perform certain sobriety tests on suspected drunk drivers. One test that is commonly used to determine impairment in drunk driving cases is the Breathalyzer test. How does a Breathalyzer work and is it always accurate?

Georgia woman accused of insurance fraud faces felony charges

A woman in Georgia was recently arrested following an investigation into a workers' compensation fraud scheme. According to reports, this woman allegedly sold fake policies and pocketed the premiums. She has since been charged with felony fraud and is facing serious penalties as a result.

Georgia business litigation: Company sued over product quality

LuLaRoe, the popular clothing company, has been sued by a few of its customers over product quality. This is something that could happen to any company, whether it is based in Georgia or elsewhere. When business litigation becomes a reality, or before it becomes a reality, company owners can take steps to protect themselves.

Deputy accused of drunk driving

A Sheriff's Deputy in Georgia found himself in pretty hot water recently when he was arrested and charged with DUI. Drunk driving is considered a fairly serious offense. As such, this individual could benefit from the best defense possible in order to minimize the consequences that this arrest could have on his personal and professional life.

Georgia divorce: Handling the misuse of child support funds

Numerous parents in Georgia are ordered to pay child support in order to ensure that their children's needs are being met. This is a standard part of a divorce settlement if children are involved. The purpose behind child support is good; unfortunately, there are those on the receiving end who misuse the funds that they are given.


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