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May 2017 Archives

Georgia drunk driving: How does the HGN work?

Two of the standardized field sobriety tests have been addressed in previous posts. The column this week will cover another -- the horizontal gaze nystagmus. Law enforcement officers in Georgia like to use this test on those suspected of drugged or drunk driving, but is it really all that accurate?

Parent Accountability Court helps parents behind on child support

Making sure that one's children are provided for financially is sometimes a challenge. There are no guarantees in life that one will be able to hold down a job or find suitable employment that pays well. When one is ordered to pay child support and falls behind on payments, according to Georgia laws he or she may be put in jail until all or part of the arrears are paid. Is this really the best way to deal with this problem?

The true cost of business formation

Going into business for oneself or with a partner whether in Georgia or elsewhere is an admirable thing. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to build something up from nothing. The true cost of business formation, though, is often more than most anticipate.

Let a family law attorney help you file for a protective order

Domestic violence is something that affects numerous families in Georgia. If you find yourself in a violent relationship, while you may not feel like it, you do have options to remove yourself from the situation. To start, let a family law attorney help you file for a protective order.

Georgia drunk driving: The walk-and-turn test, is it accurate?

There are several standardized field sobriety tests that law enforcement officers in Georgia utilize to determine if someone was operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In a previous post, this column went over the one-leg stand test. This week, this column will address the walk-and-turn test, why it is used if drunk driving is suspected and its accuracy.

In Georgia, burglary is a felony level offense

Is burglary the same as theft or robbery? Burglary is a crime that is somewhat misunderstood. Some believe it is just taking something that belongs to someone else, but the truth is, it may not have to do with taking anything. Burglary actually refers to one's intent when he or she enters a property. The nature of this type of crime is what raises it to a felony level offense according to Georgia laws.

What not to do with property when getting a divorce

Wanting one's fair share of assets is a reasonable desire when going through the dissolution of marriage process. Unfortunately, there are spouses in Georgia and elsewhere who may take certain actions with some of their property to keep it from being included in the divorce settlement. One spouse hiding assets, though illegal, happens quite often.

Are there alternatives to business litigation?

Every now and then, business owners in Georgia and elsewhere encounter problems that may require legal assistance in order to resolve. Filing legal actions is sometimes the best way to address such problems. However, there are also times when alternatives to business litigation may be the better route.

Georgia drunk driving: Is the one-leg stand test accurate?

When a driver is suspected of driving under the influence, law enforcement authorities in Georgia have the right to perform a routine traffic stop. During that stop, field sobriety tests may be performed in order to determine if drugged or drunk driving is actually an issue. One of the tests used is called the one-leg stand test. While many believe this test to be quite accurate, others would disagree.

The biggest issue of a gray divorce is money

The dissolution of marriage comes with many challenges. For younger couples with children still at home, the biggest concerns are generally about custody and financial support. For those who go through the divorce process later in life, money is typically the main issue. It is not that Georgia residents who are going through a gray divorce do not have money -- they generally do. It is more about how splitting one household into two will affect retirement years.


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