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Bullying is a real problem in some divorce cases

Bullying affects people of all ages. Children would like to think that, as they grow up, it will stop when they reach adulthood. Sadly, this is not always the case. Adults can be bullies as well, particularly when they want to get their way — such as when going through a divorce. What can Georgia residents do if bullying is a problem for them as they work to dissolve their marriages?

Divorce does not bring out the best is people. It is a time filled with stress, anger and even fear. Unfortunately, such feelings cause people to act out. Bullying is also a way for an abusive spouse to continue exercising control. Common forms of bullying seen in divorce include withholding money, delaying the dissolution process, filing false allegations and using children as leverage — among various others.

So, what can one do if one’s spouse is being a bully through the divorce process? First, the best thing anyone can do when dissolving his or her marriage is take the emotion out of it. Hard to do, of course, but it can help one stay focused on what one wants to achieve when all is said and done. Second, figure out what one is willing to let go. This does not mean one has to give into a bully’s demands, but giving a little where it won’t hurt one in the long run may stop the behavior.

Divorce is challenging to get through, there is no doubt about it. It is certainly made worse when one’s spouse is not playing nicely. When the assistance of legal counsel, Georgia residents can deal with the bullying behavior and still achieve fair and balanced dissolution settlements.

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