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Business litigation: Handling claims from former employees

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2017 | Business Litigation

Being a business owner in Georgia or elsewhere is not without its complications. One has to make hard choices and sometimes those choices may come back to hurt one later. Firing an employee, for example, could result in one dealing with a business litigation issue down the road if the reason behind the firing was questionable.

Falcon Crest Accessories, Inc. — a company in another state that sells aircraft components — was recently sued by an employee that was fired earlier in 2017. According to the plaintiff’s complaint, he says that he was fired without reason after filing a workers’ compensation claim. His, allegedly, wrongful termination came about four months after he fell on a pipe while at work and injured one of his shoulders.

Falcon Crest has not responded to this claim publicly. So it is unclear if this case will go to court or if the company will seek an out-of-court settlement. Obviously, the company and its legal team need time to review the legal complaint before any action can be taken.

When faced with business litigation, clearly finding a swift solution to the matter is ideal. However, jumping the gun and responding to a claim before one is truly prepared could have very negative consequences. Georgia business owners who are facing lawsuits from former employees can turn to an experienced business law attorney in order to have their cases carefully reviewed so that appropriate plans of action can be put in place. This will assist them in resolving the issues at hand and help them protect their companies from any negative fallout.

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