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July 2017 Archives

The best way to avoid drunk driving charges is not to drive drunk

Sounds simple enough, right? Under most circumstances, nearly everyone can avoid drunk driving charges by not getting behind the wheel after drinking. Remembering some of the following tips could help most Georgia drivers avoid ending up in the back of a police car on suspicion of DUI or DWI.

Georgia man faces felony murder charge in wife's death

After being in and out of the house all day, a 12-year-old Georgia boy came in for the night at about 9 p.m. At around midnight, he realized that he had not seen his mother and called for her, but got no answer. What he found when he went into her bedroom led to several charges against his stepfather, including felony murder.

2 arrested in Georgia on drug charges

A male and a female who were staying at a campground in the Buford area were recently arrested. Police and other agencies in Georgia made the arrest after receiving information about the accused individuals. Both of the accused are now facing various drug charges, which can have significant consequences if they are convicted.

A few downsides of a quickie divorce

When one is ready to move on from his or her marriage, the thought of a long, drawn-out dissolution process can seem too much to bear. Getting a quickie divorce just sounds so much better. While getting through the process as fast as possible may seem desirable, in the long run Georgia residents who go this route may find that doing so really did not serve their best interests.

3 things you should know about buy-sell agreements

You crafted the perfect business plan and even found potential partners. Before you officially open business with others, you should develop a sensible buy-sell agreement. Even the simplest organizations can benefit from buy-sell agreements. It could save you from financial disaster if unforeseen circumstances occur in the future.

When is a sole child custody arrangement the best option?

In Georgia and elsewhere, joint custody is the arrangement of choice when parents are divorcing. However, there are reasons as to why it is not always the best option. When is a sole child custody arrangement really what is best for the child?

Georgia man facing felony charges after DUI-related crash

On July 4, a 15-year-old girl was killed after the car she was riding in was struck by a pickup truck. The driver responsible for this wreck was arrested the following day by the Georgia Highway Patrol. He is facing various felony and misdemeanor charges for the incident.

One reason a DIY divorce is a bad idea

There is something about doing things for oneself that brings a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, there are certain projects that going the DIY route is probably not the wisest choice. Divorce, for example, is something with which Georgia residents may want to consider seeking assistance from an experienced attorney.

Auto-brewery syndrome and drunk driving charges

Not all DUI charges come as a result of Georgia residents drinking or ingesting other types of impairing substances. Sometimes medical issues can cause an individual to appear intoxicated or even have a raised blood alcohol content.  There is a medical condition known as auto-brewery syndrome. Documented cases exist of people being charged with drunk driving and then having their cases dismissed with proof of a medical diagnosis.


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