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August 2017 Archives

Felony DUI charges likely after multi-car accident

Georgia State Patrol is currently investigating an incident that occurred in Dahlonega on Aug. 14. Authorities believe that impaired driving contributed to a multi-car wreck that left several people injured. The driver deemed responsible has been arrested and charged with DUI -- likely at the felony level -- and reckless driving.

Are you a commercial property owner with zoning issues?

Are you a commercial property owner in Georgia? Have you come across some zoning issues that are affecting what you can do with your property? Fortunately, it may be possible for you to seek to change how your property is zoned so that you can use it how you wish. Achieving a zoning change in not necessarily easy. An experienced attorney may prove to be an extremely valuable asset as you fight for a zoning adjustment.

Marijuana-related drug charges are a serious matter in Georgia

While most states are taking a softer stance on marijuana-related drug crimes, Georgia still treats the possession, sale or trafficking of this substance quite harshly. Are you facing marijuana-related drug charges? If you are, you could have a lot to lose if you are ultimately convicted.

Sometimes going through divorce is hard to do

Wouldn't it be nice if all divorces could be completed without conflict? While there are those in Georgia and elsewhere who seem to have a relatively easy time getting through their divorce proceedings, others find that they simply cannot come to agreeable terms, making the whole thing drag on longer than expected. This seems to be the case with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

3 financial steps women should take when preparing for divorce

Are you a woman considering divorce or being faced with the reality that your husband wants to separate? No matter whether you initiate the divorce, it is a stressful process to go through. You may not even know where to start. There are so many issues to think of-finances, custody and property, just to name a few. Where do you begin?

Business litigation requires concrete evidence of breach

In order to successfully conduct a business here in Georgia or elsewhere, it is often necessary to place some faith in other people. An entrepreneur trusts that when one enters into a contract with someone to exchange goods and/or services for monetary payment, all parties will fulfill their end of the bargain. When that does not happen, business litigation may be necessary in order to put things right.

Man's record shows multiple arrests for drunk driving

Drivers in Georgia know that they could be taken into custody for getting behind the wheel after knocking back a few. Even so, people make mistakes and end up under arrest for drunk driving. However, when those mistakes come in multiples and within 10 years, it can create complications for the accused individual.

Family law issues: Make sure to consider these in a prenup

For some Georgia couples, the decision to execute a prenuptial agreement is an easy one. Both parties agree that some financial issues need to be delved into and decided prior to the marriage. When considering all of the issues that need to be covered, it might be helpful to have some understanding of the family law issues that could arise in the event of a divorce.

Woman faces drunk driving and vehicular homicide charges

It was in March of this year when a multiple vehicle crash occurred on Georgia S.R. 140. Through months of investigation, authorities believe they have determined what happened and why. As a result, a woman now faces charges for drunk driving, vehicular homicide and other offenses in connection with the accident.

Does a parent's privacy take a backseat in child custody matters?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is common among military veterans here in Georgia and elsewhere who have been in active combat zones. Many receive treatment, but do not discuss the circumstances that caused their PTSD or the particulars of their treatment outside of a counselor's office. Ordinarily, they are entitled to that privacy, but when it comes to child custody matters, a parent's expectation of privacy could disappear.

Is a general partnership part of your business formation plans?

Starting a new venture here in Georgia or elsewhere is often like learning to drive. You are eager just to get behind the wheel, but you must take numerous steps before actually doing so. One of the more important business formation steps is to choose the type of entity under which you wish to operate.


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