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Georgia business litigation: Wage disputes and backpay

Sometimes, business owners in Georgia and elsewhere just cannot catch a break. There will always be employees who are not happy about something. Some will even pursue legal actions in an effort to seek compensation for any perceived losses they have allegedly sustained. For example, a company owner may face business litigation should a current or former employee file a claim over an alleged wage violation.

Probate and the simple will

Making sure one's estate is in order is not something that is at the top of everyone's list these days, though it really is something that people in Georgia and elsewhere ought to consider doing. Even a simple will is better than nothing. This is particularly true during the probate process.

Georgia business formation: Putting together an LLP

When going into business with a partner, figuring out which entity type best fits the company's needs may be a bit complicated. Whether one's business will be located in Georgia or elsewhere, there are several different types of partnerships that can be entered into when going through the business formation process. This week, this column will touch on one in particular: the limited liability partnership.

Is business litigation the only way to handle a partner dispute?

Having a business partner to help you through the ups and downs of owning and operating your company can be a good thing. Having someone to share responsibilities can offer some relief. What happens, though, when your partner fails to hold up his or her end of the deal? Is business litigation the only way for company owners in Georgia to resolve their partnership disputes?

When might one consider an annulment over a divorce?

While many marriages start out with each spouse having the best of intentions and bright hopes for the future, not all marriages begin this way. There are numerous reasons as to why marital unions don't thrive, and some of them start before or shortly after vows are said. For some individuals in Georgia and elsewhere, under certain circumstances there may be the desire to seek an annulment instead of a divorce. When might that be appropriate?

Georgia woman charged with DUI and child endangerment

A Georgia woman was arrested and fired from her job after allegedly driving a school bus while impaired. She has been charged with DUI and child endangerment. Along with the criminal charges against her, parents of the affected children are also considering filing civil actions.

Estate administration is easier when plans are kept up to date

Estate planning, can't it just be a one and done thing? Well, depending on one's stage in life when it is completed, it is possible. But for those who get their affairs in order while still going through significant life changes, updating an estate plan every so often is a must. Not only will this help Georgia residents ensure that their assets and loved ones are protected, but it will also ease the estate administration process when it comes time to put the plan into action.

How does divorce work?

Ending one's marriage may seem simple and complex all at the same time. How exactly does divorce work? The answer to that question may be different for every divorcing couple in Georgia.

What are some things that can affect land use and zoning?

The state of Georgia has specific laws regarding how certain areas of land are to be used. This can be said for every state, really. While land use and zoning regulations may vary in every state, there are some things that affect how property is allowed to be used, and these are issues that are common everywhere.

DIY estate planning, why it is not worth it

There are a lot of times when doing some thing oneself rather than seeking the help of a professional works out just fine. Of course, there are times when Georgia residents have gone the DIY route only for it to end in disaster. At the end of the day, there are simply some things that require the right assistance in order to get them done right. Estate planning really is one of those things.

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