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DIY estate planning, why it is not worth it

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Family Law

There are a lot of times when doing some thing oneself rather than seeking the help of a professional works out just fine. Of course, there are times when Georgia residents have gone the DIY route only for it to end in disaster. At the end of the day, there are simply some things that require the right assistance in order to get them done right. Estate planning really is one of those things.

In doing a simple web search, one can find a number of websites that offer fast and simple estate planning products that one can fill out on his or her own for a nominal fee. They sound great, but are they? What’s the catch?

The forms these companies offer are really basic in nature. In other words, they may not offer all of the protections one really requires. This is particularly true for those with significant or complex assets or personal circumstances. When filling out legal documents on one’s own, there is also a chance that one may miss something important. This can cause big problems down the line for beneficiaries.

While it may seem inconvenient and too costly to head to an attorney’s office is order do one’s estate planning, in the end it really is worth it. With the assistance of legal counsel, Georgia residents can create estate plans that truly fit their needs and provide all the protection needed and desired, are in compliance with state laws and are not missing anything of importance. These are all things DIY estate planning programs do not offer.

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