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Divorce and the retirement account issue

Sometimes, a retirement account is the biggest asset shared by a married couple. When that couple chooses to divorce, figuring out how to split such an asset fairly and without penalty can be a challenge. There are ways to do it, though. Georgia residents can turn to their divorce attorneys for help. ?

Sometimes tenants are affected by land use changes

When leasing property, tenants are at the mercy of the property owners. When land use and land owners change, this could affect a tenant's ability to remain on site regardless of whether he or she wishes to move. An aviation group in Forsyth has found this out the hard way and is now in the process of looking for a new plot of land to lease.

Georgia man facing DUI and other charges

On Dec. 9, a Georgia man was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Forsyth County. Officers claim that this individual was speeding and failing to stay in his lane of traffic. Upon investigating the matter, the accused was arrested and is now facing DUI and other charges.

Georgia business succession planning

In the early years of owning and operating a business, one of the last things a company owner may be thinking about is an exit strategy. The truth is, though, succession planning is important. It is impossible to know when it will be needed, so having a plan ready is always wise and something that all business owners -- whether in Georgia or elsewhere -- should consider having.

Appealing a divorce ruling: The Alicia Stephenson case

Georgia residents who want out of their marriages likely have an idea of what they hope to achieve in terms of their settlements. Sometimes, though, divorce settlements do not always live up to that ideal. While there is often the need to negotiate terms and give a little, in the end the final agreement should be fair for both parties. If a divorce ruling is made and one spouse disagrees with its terms, it may be possible to appeal.

Georgia woman facing neglect, burglary and drug charges

A Georgia woman with a criminal past was recently arrested for allegedly burglarizing a house and committing a number of other serious offenses. She is now facing neglect, burglary and drug charges as a result. She stands to lose a lot if convicted. As such, she deserves the best criminal defense possible.

How addiction can influence estate administration

Numerous Americans are addicted to opioids. In fact, nationwide, 142 individuals die every day due to overdosing on such drugs. Georgia residents who are preparing their estate plans may have concerns about how their loved ones' addictions could impact their abilities to successfully manage any inheritance given them during estate administration. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to protect assets.

What's the deal with land use and zoning laws?

Land-use regulations can be a pain in the neck, really. They serve a valuable purpose, but sometimes, the restrictions and control can be a little much. On top of that, land use and zoning laws can be difficult to understand and are frequently changing. Those in Georgia who are dealing with a land use and zoning issue may feel overwhelmed by it all, which is completely understandable.

3 reasons you should update your estate plan in the new year

The start of a new year means it is the perfect time to review your estate planning documents to ensure everything is in line with your current wishes. A lot can change in a year, so make sure you consider your desires regarding property and assets. 

Facing a felony charge?

Being charged with any sort of crime in Georgia or elsewhere can be a frightening thing. When it turns out the charges against you are filed at the felony level, your mind may be left spinning. What does this mean for your future? It is even possible to successfully fight a felony level charge?

Money from that freelance job counts toward child support

Numerous Americans work freelance jobs. Some do it for the freedom it offers them. Others do it for extra cash. Regardless of why they work this kind of job, any income earned counts toward any child support obligation they may have. In Georgia and most other states, it is up to freelancers to report their own income to the state, but this is something that many are not doing.

When contract disputes arise over non-disclosure agreements

Many business owners in Georgia use non-disclosure agreements. They do so to protect themselves. Some employees, potential partners and investors are wary of signing such contracts or take issue with what is in them, particularly when it comes to how it will affect them if they decide to move on. When contract disputes arise over non-disclosure agreements, a business law attorney may be able to help resolve the issue as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

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