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Getting estate administration started

Losing a loved one is not an easy thing to experience. When it happens, knowing what to do next may not come naturally. What needs to be done to get the estate administration process started in Georgia?

After a loved one dies, it is necessary to file the estate with the probate court. If an executor has already been assigned to manage the estate, it will be this person’s job to gather all estate planning documents — will, trust, etc. — inventory assets, notify beneficiaries, notify creditors and prepare to pay taxes — among a number of other duties. This is a tall order, and one that not everyone is ready to execute.

If there is no will, a judge will get to make a lot of decisions regarding how an estate will be administered. If there is a will but there are questions about its validity, or if family members have other concerns about it, they may file claims in court. The executor, with the assistance of legal counsel, can address any of these concerns, and, again, a judge will get to weigh in and make a final decision on such matters.

Getting the estate administration process started can take time, and it can be a frustrating process for everyone involved. Thankfully, this is not something anyone has to go through alone. Those who need or would like assistance getting through this process can turn to legal counsel for guidance. With an experienced attorney at one’s side, it will be possible to gather all the necessary information to open a case in a Georgia probate court, address any concerns and ensure the estate is distributed appropriately.

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