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Not uncommon for subcontractors to deal with contract disputes

In the construction industry, subcontractors are often utilized, as their specific skill-sets are needed to complete certain projects. Contracts are created, subcontractors are hired and the work gets done. Unfortunately, some subcontractors find that their contracts are not upheld, and they do not get paid as agreed. Individuals in Georgia who find themselves dealing with contract disputes do not have to deal with the problem all alone.

Some things to think about during business formation

Preparing to open up a business in Georgia? There are a lot of things to think about and decisions to be made during the business formation process that can affect the company's overall success. Here are a few things up and coming business owners need to thing about before they open shop.

Glen Campbell estate may sit in probate for awhile

When a person dies, his or her loved ones may end up fighting over the estate. It happens all too often. When it does, if the deceased individual was a Georgia resident, the estate may sit in a Georgia probate court for an extended period of time while family members and their attorneys work to figure things out. A prime example of this is the current battle over the Glen Campbell estate.

Georgia man facing felony charges

Young man in his early 20s was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in a carjacking that is said to have occurred Feb. 19. The crime occurred in Georgia, but this individual was arrested in a neighboring state and sent back to Georgia for his criminal proceedings. He is facing felony charges, which can carry stiff penalties if he is ultimately convicted.

Georgia construction law: Problems with zoning?

Finding the right spot for a commercial development is not always easy. When one finally finds what he or she believes to be the perfect location, by the time the property is bought and building plans are submitted for approval, one may find that the county zoning board has decided that the plot of land cannot be used as intended. Rezoning occurs and now one's plan for the property are no good. What, if anything, can be done?

Georgia man facing DUI charge

Police in Georgia recently arrested a man and charged him with driving while impaired. This individual has since been charged with DUI drugs -- a charge that has some stiff penalties attached to it if a conviction is achieved. He was also accused of several traffic violations. This incident has already and could further negatively affect the life of the accused, which is why having an experienced criminal defense attorney on his side could prove extremely valuable.

3 types of contract disputes

Contract disputes are unfortunately all too common in the business world. With contracts drafted each and every day for business matters both large and small, the chance for human error is always present.

Facing business litigation over religious discrimination?

Georgia business owners get to pick and choose who they want working for them. That's the job of being the boss, right? In the hiring process, and after the fact, company owners have to be careful about abiding by discrimination laws, however. If accusations of discrimination come about, business litigation may be in one's near future.

Are you a healthcare worker facing drug charges?

Georgia has many residents who work in the health care industry. Their jobs are not easy and their work is to be applauded. Unfortunately, there are those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law when their close work with prescription drugs results in accusations of illegal possession of such substances and criminal drug charges being filed. Such accusations happen more often than people may realize.

Beware "Secretary of State" Scams

It is that time of year when most states require the annual renewal of a company's registration with the state. Unfortunately, it is also a time when I get calls or emails from clients who have received a call or something in the mail that they find suspicious.

Digital assets cannot be ignored when getting a divorce

In a ever-increasing digital world, more people in Georgia and elsewhere have digital assets. Some of these may be personal in nature and not have any monetary value -- such as social media accounts. Some of them, however, may be of great value and subject to division if divorce ever enters the picture -- such a virtual currency.

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