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Is there any way to prevent contract disputes?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2018 | Contract Disputes

Business owners in Georgia depend on contracts to keep their companies up and running. Contracts with employees. Contracts with vendors. Even contracts with clients. Unfortunately, sometimes, contract disputes may occur.

Most business owners want to know what they can do to prevent contract disputes from occurring. No one wants to go to court for such issues, but it happens. While total prevention may not be possible, it doesn’t mean that steps to avoid such disputes cannot and should not be taken.

There are actually a few things that one can do to help avoid contract disputes. It all starts with obtaining a good, solid, legally binding contract, put together with the assistance of legal counsel. Wording matters and can make all the difference between having a contract that stands up to the legal system and having one that doesn’t.

There is at least one other way to help avoid contract disputes that really sticks out above all others — notarization/witness to signing. When signing a contract, having a witness present can make all the difference if one party decides to file a contract dispute. If such a dispute ends up going to court, testimony of the witness/notary may be used in your favor. Technically speaking, not all contracts legally require notarization. Think of it as insurance.

Contract disputes happen on occasion. Most business owners in Georgia and elsewhere will experience such a complaint at some point — regardless if there is no justification or legal grounds for it. An experienced attorney can be there to help if such an issue does arise.

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