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May 2018 Archives

Can child support cover college expenses?

Divorce -- it is hard on Georgia families and their finances. Just because that is so does not mean that certain financial goals are totally out of reach. For example, helping children pay for college may still be possible by extending child support obligations or requiring that a certain percentage of child support funds be placed in a 529 or other college savings account.

Ready for business formation? The loans are there

Georgia residents who are thinking about opening up their own businesses have to go through a lot to get it done. Business formation can be a tough process. Part of it is getting the funding needed to get the company off the ground. Traditionally, this is something that has not been easy for new business owners to achieve.

Common terms heard when going through probate

Closing out a loved one's estate can be a challenge. When probate is necessary, the whole process can be confusing, and one may hear terms with which he or she is not entirely familiar. This week's column will go over some common terms one will hear when going through probate in Georgia.

When your ex is not abiding by divorce terms

You ended your marriage because things were not working out, and you felt it would be better to just move on. You and your ex agreed to certain divorce terms and went on your way. Weeks, months or years down the line, your ex is not abiding by the terms to which you both agreed. What can you, as a Georgia resident, do to resolve the issue?

Joint child custody: what you should know

Splitting up is hard to do. It is even harder if a couple has children to consider. Coming to child custody terms can prove difficult. While many divorcing parents in Georgia and elsewhere are turning to joint custody arrangements for the good of the children, making them work is not always a piece of cake.

Get a grasp on zoning laws

Cities in Georgia, both big and small, are all laid out in certain ways. It is this way to keep certain properties in certain places. This can be for safety reasons, but it is also often to give the town a specific flow. Zoning laws are in place to keep things in order -- so to speak.

Georgia business litigation: common lawsuits

Whether a company is big or small, no business is immune to lawsuits. They happen, even if the owner thinks he or she has done everything right and has taken all the steps to avoid them. When they do, a business litigation attorney can help company owners in Georgia work through them.

What you should know before your Georgia child custody hearing

If you are looking to gain or modify child custody in Georgia through a child custody hearing, familiarizing yourself with the process beforehand often proves beneficial. In addition to giving you an idea of what to expect, which can help calm any nerves you may have, understanding the child custody hearing process could improve your chances of making the right preparations.

Seeking child support when the other parent lives out of country

Seeking financial support for one's child should be easy, right? When having a child with another person, whether that individual was a spouse or just a significant other for a time, one expects that person to step up and at least provide something. Achieving a child support order and enforcing it can be challenging for some Georgia residents. It can be even harder if the other parent resides in a different country. 

Georgia man arrested and charged with DUI

A Georgia man found himself behind bars after an incident that left a police officer injured. This gentleman allegedly led the officer on a high-speed chase that ended in a collision. Authorities say that the accused was intoxicated at the time of the event. He has since been charged with various violations, including DUI.

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