June 2018 Archives

What to expect at a zoning hearing

Real estate developers and brokers in Georgia and elsewhere see land for all of its possibilities. The problem facing individuals in these positions is zoning. Getting a plot of land rezoned for a specific use is not necessarily easy. There is a whole process to it, part of which involves attending one or more hearings. What can one expect at a zoning hearing?

Getting a divorce? Protect your iPhone data

The iPhone is a very popular cellular device for its ease of use and ability to sync data across several devices. This syncing option allows anyone who utilizes one's devices access to quite a bit of important information. While this can be a good thing, particularly for spouses in Georgia and elsewhere who want to easily share passwords and other data, it can also be a bad thing as it can cause privacy issues if divorce enters the picture.

Business litigation over alleged ADA violations

Being a small business owner in Georgia or elsewhere comes with its challenges. When leasing or purchasing a commercial space for company use, one would expect it to be up to code and ready for customers. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and if one is not careful, business litigation claims may arise over alleged ADA violations.

A woman's attempt to collect child support went too far

A Georgia woman has found herself in a whole lot of legal trouble for her attempt to collect financial support from her child's father. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to enforce a child support order, there is a right way to go about doing it. The lesson here is simple, think about the long-term consequences before acting.

Georgia man facing DUI and other charges

Police in Georgia recently arrested a man who they say was operating his vehicle recklessly and while under the influence of alcohol. This gentleman is now facing DUI and other charges. The potential consequences in this case can be pretty significant.

Facing MDMA-related drug charges?

The state of Georgia does not treat MDMA-related drug crimes lightly. If you find yourself facing drug charges for possessing, distributing or trafficking ecstasy, the potential consequences can be quite severe. What can you do if you find yourself in trouble with the law over MDMA?

Brad Pitt makes a case for child custody modification

Figuring out who should maintain custody of children when going through the divorce process is rarely if ever easy to do. Parents often struggle to agree on what type of child custody arrangement will best serve their family in the long run. Sometimes, initial plans turn out to do more harm than good. When this happens, parents in Georgia and elsewhere may have the ability to seek order modifications to correct the issue.

Georgia business litigation: 3 problems partners often face

Going into business can be a good thing. Going into the business with a partner to share the load can be a great thing. The only problem with sharing a company with a partner is that, sometimes, partners do not always agree on things. This week's column will address three common disputes that plague company partners -- whether their businesses are located in Georgia or elsewhere -- and discuss if business litigation is the right way to resolve these problems.

What is felony domestic violence?

The state of Georgia has laws that protect its residents from domestic violence. Those accused of committing acts of family violence could find themselves facing a number of serious consequences -- particularly if felony domestic violence charges are ultimately filed against them. This may leave some individuals to wonder what constitutes a felony domestic violence charge?

No DUI case without reasonable suspicion

Driving under the influence is a crime that the state of Georgia does not treat lightly. Numerous people suffer injuries or worse in accidents with drunk drivers. As such, police are constantly on the lookout for potential DUI suspects.

Contract disputes a fairly common construction law problem

A lot goes into a construction project. Buying land, planning, subcontracting, financing and dealing with zoning issues can all take time and may not goes as smoothly as you'd like. At any stage of a construction project, contract disputes may happen. When they do, a Georgia-based construction law attorney may be your best ally.

A DIY will may not hold up in probate

It can be tempting to take on some really big projects by oneself rather than turning to professionals to get the job done. Sometimes, that approach is good and can save a person a lot of money. Unfortunately, the DIY craze should not extend to everything. For example, a DIY will may not hold up in a Georgia probate court, which will only end up hurting one's beneficiaries in the end.

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