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How many marriages end in divorce?

Every year, quite a few couples in Georgia and elsewhere decide to end their marriages. Many people believe that the divorce rate in the United States is roughly 50 percent. An article in Psychology Today debunks that myth.

A number of reasons why contract disputes occur

You and other business owners in Georgia just like you depend on contacts to keep your businesses running smoothly. Unfortunately, over the life of your company, you are likely to deal with contract disputes. They happen, and the following reasons are the most common causes of contract disputes.

Georgia probate law: Picking a trustee or executor

When going through the estate planning process, whether one resides in Georgia or elsewhere, it is necessary to assign a trustee if one establishes a trust and/or an executor to close out the estate when the time comes. Picking the right person or people for the job can be a bit of a challenge. Putting the wrong individual in such a position of power can land an estate in probate for a very long time.

Georgia police often use Breathalyzers to check for DUI

Anyone who gets pulled over by police in Georgia for allegedly driving under in the influence of alcohol may be asked to submit a breath sample for evaluation. Law enforcement officials use the Breathalyzer in order to obtain a blood-alcohol content reading. If the number returns at a certain level, one may expect to be arrested and charged with DUI.

Have questions about your DUI case?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Georgia, you likely have a lot of questions about your case and what this charge can mean for your future. It is easy to feel intimidated by the criminal court system whether this is your first offense or you've faced criminal charges in the past. This week's column will address some of the most common questions criminal defense attorneys hear from clients facing DUI charges.

Georgia probate law: The ins and outs of guardianships

There are several reasons guardianships may need to be sought or designated by Georgia residents. For some, it may be they need it to help take care of an ailing parent or other family members. For others, it may be that they want to make sure their minor children are taken care of. Whatever the reason, Georgia probate law is very clear on what it takes to name or become the guardian of another person.

On disability and have to pay child support: how does that work?

For various reasons, many Georgia residents receive disability benefits. This is income offered through a federal benefit for individuals who are not able to work. It may not be a lot, but it is generally enough to cover one's expenses. One's benefit may fall short if a child support order is in the picture.

Protect yourself from business litigation over noncompetes

Many business owners in Georgia utilize non-compete agreements to protect their companies. If they do not obtain these contracts from a reputable source, they may find themselves paying for it in the long run. Business litigation over non-competes happens. This can do a lot of damage to a company's bottom line.

Criminal cases involving drug charges slow to get to court

Anyone who is facing criminal charges just wants their day in court so they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, Georgia residents facing drug charges are finding that they have to wait much longer than they expected to fight their cases. This is because the state crime lab is behind on testing.

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