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Social media usage can affect your child custody arrangement

Divorce is difficult and stressful without social media messing it up. Unfortunately, many people in Georgia and elsewhere find out the hard way that what they post online can hurt them and their families. For example, social media content can hurt or help one’s child custody wishes.

How can social media affect child custody? If parents cannot agree to a custody arrangement, how each parent presents him or herself online can influence a judge’s decision on the matter. If one is frequently posting nights out with friends, getting drunk or partying, a judge may assume that he or she is unfit to truly care of his or her children.

Social media does not tell the whole story; it only offers glimpses into a person’s life and those glimpses can be construed in a number of ways. Social media responsibility can help prevent what one posts from hurting one’s case. A social media “fast” for the duration of divorce proceedings is actually advised.

Parents in Georgia who just want child custody arrangements that are fair and that serve the best interests of their children should not have to worry about how their social media lives will affect their final custody orders. Unfortunately, it does happen. Using caution online during proceedings and post-divorce is one of the best things one can do to ensure one gets and keeps the custody arrangements desired. Legal counsel can offer more information on this subject and can offer guidance if social media content is hurting one’s case.


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