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October 2018 Archives

Zoning: Need the right plan at the right time and approval

Building projects fall through. It happens when there is no interest, there are funding problems or for a number of other reasons. A certain plot of land in the Macon area has sat empty for roughly a decade due to subdivision settlements falling through because of the recession. Recently, a Georgia developer finally got zoning approval to utilize this piece of property, and it looks like it will be a good fit for the community.

Business litigation may follow data breaches

Business owners in Georgia and elsewhere understand that keeping client and company data secure is a must. If a data breach occurs, companies big and small may face business litigation, which can do a lot of damage to their bottom line. There are things business owners can do to protect their companies from data breaches and avoid the costly litigation that may follow.

Georgia child support Q and A

Divorcing couples who have children to consider are likely to have questions about how much each parent has to provide in monetary support for them every month. State laws do require both parents to provide financially for their children, so how does the state decide how much each parent is required to pay and which parent has to make the payment -- particularly in shared custody cases? Here are some answers to the common questions asked about child support in Georgia.

How contracts are written can help avoid contract disputes

Contacts, Georgia business owners, employees and clients depend on them to ensure they are protected. Unfortunately, contract disputes do arise on occasion. It may be possible to avoid some common disputes simply by ensuring contracts properly and professionally written.

The role of the executor during probate and estate administration

Anyone who has been named the executor of an estate may have a lot of questions about what that means exactly. If it is something one has never done before, it is understandable that it seems rather foreign. The goal of this column is to give Georgia residents or those called to handle probate and estate administration cases in the state an idea of what an executor is supposed to do.

Felony charges possible against teen for possessing stolen gun

A random drug sweep at a Monroe County school resulted in the arrested of a 10th grader who allegedly had a stolen gun and bullets in his backpack. In Georgia, possession of a stolen firearm and possession of a firearm on school grounds may warrant felony-level charges despite the accused's young age. His case will first go to juvenile court and then a decision will be made as to whether he should be tried as an adult.

Georgia man facing felony assault charge

Police in Georgia were called to a hotel in the Cumming area to investigate an alleged assault. When they arrived, they found a victim with visible injuries to his neck and promptly arrested the man the victim identified as being responsible. This individual is now facing a felony assault charges, which can carry significant penalties.

Men and women need to divorce-proof their businesses

Owning and operating a business, whether in Georgia or elsewhere, is a job like no other. Entrepreneurs put in time, sweat and maybe a few tears getting their companies off the ground and running successfully. A number of things can bring a business down. Many people do not consider their marriages to be one of them, but the truth is, divorce can do a number on a business.

Is your business partner breaching your trust?

When you started your business, it seemed as if the energy, enthusiasm and goodwill between you and your business partner would carry you far into success. In the initial stages of building a business together, you likely did not imagine that this person with whom you decided to build your livelihood could possibly betray you or commit any type of fraud against you.

A few reasons why having an estate plan is a good idea

Planning for the future is something most people do to some degree. Unfortunately, quite a few fail to plan for what will happen to their assets and loved ones if they were to become incapacitated or die. The simple truth is, many Georgia residents believe that they do not have enough assets to warrant having an estate plan, so they don't. This thinking only causes problems down the line.

Want a home-based business? Consider zoning

When going into business for oneself, home seems like a great place to start it. Having a home-based business can be a dream come true. It is impossible to beat the commute. Unfortunately, some budding entrepreneurs in Georgia may not realize that zoning laws do need to be taken into consideration when starting and running a company from their personal dwellings.

Holidays are around the corner, is your custody plan ready?

It is hard to believe fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner. When you have children, this time of year just seems to fly by thanks to school, sports and various other activities. While it may seem like there is time to wait, now is the time to look ahead to holiday schedules in order to make sure your custody plan is up to snuff. If it is not, you may want to consider a modification to your plan, which can be achieved by filing a request in a Georgia court or working out a new agreement with your ex.

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