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Land use and zoning: spotlighting a key property-linked legal sphere

Perhaps you're a North Georgia property owner with a compelling idea for a new business. You wonder whether your dreams can be realized, though, given the reality that virtually all the properties surrounding your parcel of land are family-owned homes of the two-kids-and-a-dog variety. Will there be blowback confronting your land-use plan? Will it be permitted?

How to find a deceased person's assets

It isn't always a straightforward process to find a deceased person's assets. In some cases, items are found well after an estate has been formally settled. However, there are tools that people can use to locate them. For instance, the county where the individual lived may have a deed or other information about any real estate that he or she owned. In addition, it may be possible to glean quality clues about assets from tax return documents.

County continues to grapple with short-term rentals

Companies such as Airbnb allow Georgia residents and others to either rent their homes or find homes for rent. In Forsyth County, the question regarding what to do about short-term rentals has been unresolved since it was first brought up for debate in 2016. It has proven difficult to balance the rights of homeowners and those who live near homes being used as rentals.

Gross estate and its impact on estate taxes

Georgia residents may owe the federal government money after they pass if their gross estate is higher than the federal estate tax exemption. The gross estate is made up of anything that a person owns or in which he or she has an interest, or controlling interest. A controlling interest means that an individual can direct where an item goes even if he or she doesn't own it directly. Community property and other assets may also be added to this total.

Researchers shocked by family incarceration rates study

Civil rights advocates in Georgia and around the country have been campaigning for criminal justice reform for several years, and a study released by Cornell University could add weight to their arguments. Researchers from the university's College of Human Ecology and College of Arts and Sciences scrutinized more than 4,000 cases, and they discovered that a sobering 45 percent of Americans have an incarcerated or formerly incarcerated child, spouse, sibling, parent, or grandparent.

What is a revival trust?

The science of being cryogenically frozen after death and revived at some unknown future date is still uncertain. However, around 400 people have already chosen this, and around 1,500 more are signed up for it. Georgia residents who are interested might wonder what they would do for money if they were successfully unfrozen in the future. This is where the future income trust comes in.

Estate planning lessons to be learned from Luke Perry

While there's no denying the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, many individuals in Georgia and other parts of the country aren't all that proactive about estate planning. Fortunately, the late actor Luke Perry took steps to ensure his family would be taken care before he passed away after suffering a massive stroke.

How to work towards a solution to parenting issues

As long as there have been parents living in separate households, there have been child-rearing issues among them. Parents in Georgia are no exception. There are some resolution techniques that can be explored when post-relationship parenting issues arise. A number of factors will be at play during issue resolution, including how well the parents get along with each other and can communicate.

The rising rate of arrests in America

Citizens of Georgia might be surprised to learn that, according to a recent study, Americans in their early twenties are four times more likely to have been arrested in comparison to Americans in their sixties. Furthermore, the study found that the rate at which white American men and women have been put in handcuffs has been skyrocketing over the past years, and a plausible reason for this is increased enforcement.

Focus: long-held stigma against job seekers with criminal records

There are of course many generalized comments that can be made about the criminal justice system. We prominently stress a most specific point on our website at the established North Georgia law firm of Miles, Hansford & Tallant.

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