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Mediated divorce: for many, a strong alternative to litigation

Family law issues can be complex.

We make that elemental point on our website at the established Atlanta metro area law firm of Miles Hansford & Tallant.

We also note from our dual offices in Cumming and Roswell that the many and diverse clients we passionately serve enlist our aid on matters that span a truly wide universe.

Family law considerations run a broad gamut of concerns. Those range from issues linked to divorce, child-centric considerations, spousal support and family violence to paternity, adoption, prenuptial agreements and more.

Notably, too, there is more than a single and preordained approach that is mandated for resolving such issues. That is, while many divorcing couples across Georgia duly invoke the close oversight of a judge to settle the details of a marital dissolution, others follow different paths.

One of those is mediated divorce, a process that has grown increasingly popular as an alternative to the adversarial nature commonly marking a litigated divorce in court.

Concededly, mediation is not optimal for all divorcing parties. Some decouplings are flatly divisive and conflict-ridden, requiring a formalized court atmosphere and overt judicial controls.

In many instances, though, divorcing couples actively seek an outside-the-court route to dissolution. Where impending exes can interact civilly and have a shared desire to cooperate somewhat amicably to secure a mutually profitable result, mediation can be a powerful tool to promote their goals.

Many parties find it to be cheaper than litigation. Moreover, it gives participants comparatively greater control over the divorce agenda, in matters ranging from pace and scheduling to spotlighted issues and overall autonomy.

We will provide detailed information regarding the role that a mediator plays in the divorce process in an upcoming blog post.

Increasingly more divorcing couples in Georgia and nationally are exploring mediation as a process for terminating their marriages. Questions concerning this litigation alternative can be directed to a practiced team of divorce mediators at a proven family law firm.


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