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Changing a child custody order

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Family Law

Parents in Georgia who have a child custody arrangement are bound by the terms of that agreement. However, there may be cases in which they can successfully petition the court to modify a child custody order.

The family court will typically not consider changing the terms of a child custody arrangement without a valid reason. Since judges have to act in the child’s best interests, they will not be easily swayed to significantly change a kid’s way of life. The reasons parents give about wanting a child custody arrangement will be carefully examined before an existing child custody order is modified.

If a child faces a dangerous environment in a household, the court will likely consider changing a child custody arrangement. Judges may consider if domestic violence occurs in the parent’s home or whether the kid is in immediate danger. The court will also strongly consider if the child has expressed a desire to leave the home of the parent where there may be danger.

A child custody modification may also be considered if a parent is planning to physically relocate in the near future to a distant locale. When making a decision, the court will examine the motives of the parent who wants to move and if the relocation will make the current visitation arrangement unfeasible. The court will also examine how the child’s life will be altered by the modification.

A family law attorney may advise a parent about the legal options for changing the terms of an existing child custody order. Legal counsel could consider the factors of a case and advocate on behalf of a client during a custody hearing.


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